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I was listening to the Oklahoma/UCLA game yesterday, dropped 3rd strike, batter doesn't realize it and takes two steps towards the dugout. He then relizes the ball was dropped and he takes off for first, and beats the throw, the initial call was safe. However, the umpires got together and ruled that he had abandoned his at bat when he stepped towards the dugout. It was my understanding that the batter/runner is not considered to have abondoned his at bat until he actually steps in or near the dugout. Has this rule changed?
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The announcer said he took two steps towards the dugout.

Originally posted by Mr Umpire:
I don't know NCAA's rule on this. But, for OBR, the batter has to actually leave the dirt circle before being considered out for abandonment.

Is it possible the batter made it to the grass? Other than that, the umpires must have had a good reason for calling him out. But, I don't know. Didn't see the game. Maybe they just blew a call.
The NCAA rule is similar to OBR--7.11u:
u. A batter who does not realize his situation on a third strike not caught and who is not in the process of running to first base, shall be declared out once he leaves the dirt circle surrounding home plate heading toward his dugout;

However, trying to guess whether the umpiring crew has made the right call based on the comments of a radio announcer is probably a poor idea. One person's "two steps" can be another person's "dirt circle".
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of course, Mr. Umpire and 3FG are correct for OBR and NCAA..

Just wanted to add in the NFHS ruling as it is different...

NFHS rule 8-4-1

In NFHS rules with less than two outs, the batter is not yet out until he reaches his bench or other dead ball area...

with 2 outs, the Batter may try for first until the infielders have left the diamond or until he gives up by reaching the bench or other dead ball area...
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