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2015 LHP, committed to a D1 school, recently contacted by a national athlete representation company (advisor) concerning the draft and (although early) developing a relationship. If anyone has any experience with this, insight of any kind would be greatly it worth building the relationship and pursuing?

2019 LHP

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I've had 2 sons play college baseball and one in MLB.  We went through this with the older one.  Its an area in which I do not feel I can give any advice other than please realize this is strictly a business relationship...nothing more.  Treat the prospective advisers as business partners in every way and I think you'll get the most out of it.


Good luck!

I'm not an expertand the rules can be a bit tricky.  My son is a D1 player and his University has an NCAA Compliance Officer.  Guidelines were sent to the players about the use of advisors, agents, etc.  I would strongly recommend that your son contact the NCAA Compliance Officer at his school before speaking with the advisor further.  I do know that there are certain restrictions on verbal committments in some instances.  Without knowing the exact details, I think I'll just shut up now!

If it is a reputable company they will do whatever it takes not to compromise yours son's eligibility.


There is no harm in speaking with anyone, but do contact the NCAA and ask for a brochure (or the guidance counselor) as to dealing with advisor/agents.


I agree with JB, this is a business relationship and there are certain things allowed and not allowed in that relationship.

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