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We have had lots of discussion here over the years about NCAA tournament representation, perhaps over representation in the southeast, and under representation in the west. Based on what I know of college baseball over the past several years, I believe there is some validity to the arguments yet we rarely get to see teams from the west play teams from the east.

That may be changing....

Last year we saw Cal State Fullerton barnstorm through the southeast and dominate frankly. Who couldn't notice that Rice played Stanford last weekend and that Stanford has traveled to Texas this weekend. College baseball does not get any better than that imho.

In the southeast this weekend, Coach Mike Gillespie and the UC Irvine Anteaters have traveled all the way across the country to Myrtle Beach, SC.

Yesterday, in a classic matchup, Irvine took on NC State and took a 2-1 lead in the seventh inning yet they only managed one hit. NC State tied it in 7th at 2-2. Irvine took the lead 4-2 in the top of the 10th. NC State tied it in the bottom of the 10th and then won the game on a walk-off 3-run homer in the bottom of the 10th. College baseball at its finest!

Today, Irvine takes on Coastal Carolina in a double header at the beach. My hat is off to Coach Gillespie for making these games possible. It is the best possible thing that can happen for college baseball imho. And better yet, maybe we can have a better handle on that age old question - who is better - east or west?
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FWIW, son's first college game was played in Clemson against Irvine, and since then some other west coast teams have played (Pacific Tigers). Last weekend Michigan was in South Carolina, so it is not all east vs. west, but north vs. sout as well. I don't think this is a new thing, just happening more often due to teams wanting to face other competitive teams in other geographic areas. And some of those larger programs are willing to travel, where as in the past they hosted more than traveled. The kids actually enjoy the change of venue as well.
Agree with CD.

There is so much local competition it is difficult to justify going 3,000 mi to play a few games. There are a handful of elite programs that want to get their kids used to playing other teams from across the country so they will make the trek. Stanford, UCI, Cal State Fullerton plus a handful of others will venture out. It is a very big deal however when you think about the time it takes and you have to remember these are "student-athletes". You are looking at 2 days of additional travel time, plus time zone differences make it difficult. I would think it will give these teams an advantage once they get to the tournament.
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I always love watching teams from other parts of the country. Earlier in the decade Stanford had an alternating series with Florida State that lasted 4-5 years. Last year they hosted Vanderbilt...I believe they travel there next year. The Texas series has been ongoing for at least 10 years. And this year the Rice series was added. They will go to Rice next year.

Loads of fun for the fans. Wish there were more of it, but it is expensive and I suspect thats a big part of the lack of more of it.

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