In 2012 will players be able to play ecpl and their home organization? Also are the London Badgers a pay to play program too?
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one can only hope...but don't hold your breath. Best to check with them directly.

I don't know of any elite teams that don't have a (hefty) price tag attached. Usually around 5K for ecpl and 10K for pblo, badgers and mets might be a bit cheaper in the pblo.

I heard the terriers were leaving the pblo?
played for the Windsor Selects last year, probably the cheapest you'll find at $600

Pblo's overated though, Oba is just as good. Played for the 2010 canadian champions this year, the tecumseh thunder and could probably beat any team in the pblo, and got tons of exposure playing in big tournnaments such as the connie mack and black sawmp tournament pretty much every weekend. Btw London badgers also play in the Oba.
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If your really looking to get better though i would deffinitly go with the instruction. If you find the right person they can make you that much better.
dollar for dollar - a good oba program can be competitive in the exposure and value proposition - Hamilton had a good pitcher drafted recently. Issue is that OBA tlaent level and coaching level differs dramatically from area to area, as does exposure opportunities.

For younger kids - under 16/17 definitley spend the money on instruction first. Even then it boils down to disposable income - if you have 10K of income to spend on your kid, and won't miss it - what the heck. Smile.

No disrespect, but Tecumseh would struggle with most PBLO teams, ECPL as well, although probably close to .500 with them. In a one game series anything can happen though.

The Windsor area is unique (and talented)- and no doubt when you look at pure value - miles ahead of most other areas. geography factors in a bit, and an early start - late finish always help.

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