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1st time poster. My son is a freshman & recently made school team; he's a pitcher & MIF. About three weeks ago at travel team practice noticed he wasn't throwing as hard as usual in bullpen. Told me after practice his elbow hurt after he released the ball so he took a lot off in the session. Took a week off & went to lesson with PC who noticed he wasn't throwing as hard so gunned him at mid 60's. Had been throwing upper 70's so he asked what was wrong. Son told him hurts after he releases ball so he was taking it easy which caused him no pain. PC looked him over & based on his experience & location of pain felt like it was bursitis & shut him down. Went back a week later, puffiness at elbow down quite a bit. Threw short session and was able to throw mid 70's with no pain, curve caused some discomfort so PC told him to shut it down again for a week or possibly two. Took him to a chiropractor who x rayed and came to same conclusion as PC. Problem is school has started & athletics period spent throwing & long tossing. PC advised he talk with coach to explain and ask for time off from throwing, run instead. Coach says to keep throwing. I believe he can get over this issue rather quickly with a little rest but concerned he'll aggravate the condition by continuining to throw. Have bought him an anti inflamatory/antioxidant from GNC & compression sleeve, he's also icing. Kid has never had an arm injury in the past. Question is how to deal with the coach. He's got a great track record & the kids love him. Son's got an excellent chance of playing up this year & doesn't want to make the coach mad (nor do I). I don't think it will be helpful for daddy to intervene. Just looking for advice on how to get my kids arm some rest without coach taking it out on him.
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Feel like we're missing some info here. Get medical note saying he needs to rest arm or let coach be in charge of your kids arm for 4 yrs. if he's such a great coach why does he want your son to throw when it's only practice in Fall? Is he a work through your pain kinda guy? 

IMO medical issues r one place where parents may need to do the talking w the coaches. Kids don't always present the facts correctly. 

Tough spot between not wanting to cause issues w coach vs keeping your sons arm healthy for the next 4 yrs. good luck-keep us posted.

Coach believes kids arms hurting are usually because they throw too little, not too much. We're talking about throwing & not pitching and I tend to agree. Parents told not to take kids to ortho before having coaches look at it. His problem with going to the Dr. is they'll miss at least two weeks of throwing and most cases they need to throw. That is the reason I took my son to a chiropractor rather than a sports doctor. This time of year all they are allowed to do is throw but drills they are doing make it difficult for my son to take it easy. Swelling was gone and no pain for a week but he seemed to aggravate it some yesterday. I've already informed travel coach he won't be pitching in fall and moved him to 2nd base to reduce stress on arm. Decision was made a couple of weeks ago but now considering pulling him off (travel) team for fall. We have a holiday weekend coming up and even after aggravating it a little yesterday it is much better. Only time he has any pain is when throwing at maximum effort & pain is during deceleration phase. After weekend if any pain persists, I'm going to have son go back to coach & if he doesn't allow rest I'll have to get involved. 

Whether kids need to throw more to develop strength is not the issue.  Pain is a sign of an issue.  It does not appear to be normal workout pain which goes away after rest.  You have swelling.  Don't be stupid. 


A few years ago, my kid had an elbow issue during fall ball.  He battled thru it without telling me.  Didn't throw from Oct. to Feb.  Started throwing in Feb. and the pain came back.  A quick trip to the Ortho and a script for physical therapy.  Therapy was basically the throwers ten with ultrasound and ice.  He had to strengthen the area around his elbow.  About 6 weeks later, he was back to normal.  No problems since. 


With due respect to your "coach" he is an idiot.  Probably a drivers ed teacher masquerading as a "coach."  He certainly is not a doctor.  IT IS FALL.  So what if he misses two freaking weeks of throwing.  Most likely he needs the physical therapy to rehab the area.  Get your kid to a doctor to at least rule out anything major. 

I'm with you golfman25, he's going to end up going to the Ortho. Just trying to figure out how to do it without totally pissing the coach off. Coach had had more than a little success & has been around for a long time. School is a draw for baseball players so there's quite a few parents transferring kids in to play. It's a very competitive program with plenty of good players. I'll do what's best for my son & that will mean a trip to the doctor & I'm positive he'll be told to rest. Would prefer to have coaches blessing but will end up doing regardless.
Got it worked out. Son went back to coach today & coach told him to take a week off throwing & see how it feels. Hopefully a little time is all he needs but will check out further if not 100%. I don't think my son properly explained his situation the first time. I do believe by HS age they need to be the ones communicating with coaches and not the parent.

If u have good insurance and can afford it I would still take him to ortho.. If he's a pitcher u will need to establish a good relationship with one anyways. Don't wait the week if he can get In. Coach should be telling him to get it checked out. He's not a dr. And I personally wouldn't allow him to dictate when your son gets a medicl opinion. He can always use another pitcher. If he really cares about developing your son as a pitcher who is healthy for the 4 yrs of HS he will be proactive. 

Think I was a little too quick to post; pretty satisfied how situation is being handled. Kid is going into 9th grade & 1st time in school ball. Coach has been around for a long time & had remarkable success. Past year minimum of 3 (know threre's more but not sure if more than 3 DI) D1 scholorships with two pitchers; he's doing something right. As far as a drivers Ed or PE teacher, not the case. Always taught advanced classes in his field in one of most challenging acedemic schools in state. Is he a doctor; no but he's seen his share of sore arms & true injuries over the years. In my son's case. X rays show nothing but he does have slight inflammation. PC has worked with him for past three years; background includes 4 years of college ball, several years pro ball, coaching at pro & HS levels including HS head coach. PC believes overuse & needs a week or two off from throwing & wants him in throwing program as soon as he can throw pain free. He has full range of motion & no pain when arm turned in different directions. Wants him off the mound in fall in game situations but light bullpens in next couple of weeks if ready. I believe my son failed to tell coach entire story initially; PC encouraged him to go back to explain situation. Head coach was quick to ask why he hadn't told him & instructed him to take a week office throwing. My son has to communicate with coaches; part of growing up. I'm not accustomed to not being in control. As far as insurance; it's good & small copay. Have been to good ortho in past over minor issues; always nothing but wanted to check out. If situation doesn't improve, we'll go back. I apologize for premature post but honestly believe situation is being handled appropriately.

I still think you should go to the ortho asap.  X-rays tell you absolutely nothing (unless its a growth plate issue).  You need a professional, not a coach who has "seen" his share of injuries.  If needed, an MRI would rule anything serious out.  My concern is the inflammation.  Also a period of rehab could work wonders.  If you rest for a week or two and that doesn't "fix" it then you will be set back those weeks of "rest." From your original post, it sounds like you have already tried the "week of rest" solution. 



If I take him to ortho now he won't order MRI, will be X Ray and rest. He never really took a full week off last time, went to the beach and threw with a buddy (forgot about that). Even with the mini break he was much improved & only irritated it once. This stint will be a full 11 days off. Coach has him working with bands, lower body, & running. After only three days inflammation is gone & he feels fine. After the break; if he has any pain or if inflammation returns will go to ortho with X Rays. Regardless of outcome he won't be pitching this fall.

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