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1BSon had a little swelling on the elbow at the end of our high school season. No pain, a little sore but that's it. Right before conf/district. Saw the trainer, told to only throw when needed, take a little off in practice, stretch etc. Be smart and don't throw hard all the time. Ice and Ibuprohen.

No problems, finish the season. I banish him from the baseball field for two weeks. No throwing, hitting, nothing. Go be a kid and goof off.
(He cheated and hit on day 3...but no throwing)

The arm still looks swollen to me...which means it's bigger in that area than the other arm. I've looked at other kids on the team and their throwing arm appears to be a little bigger in the elbow than non throwing, so I'm guessing some of it's natural.

I've got him scheduled with a sports doc, but just wondering if you folks have seen anything like this for a postion player? He hasn't pitched for a year. Had lots of instruction when he did pitch and always took great care of his arm. He's just not overly talented as a pitcher, and he doesn't really want to pitch.

On the verge of going crazy thinking of all the bad things it could be. Just rambling on a Sunday, knowing we can't see the doc until Wed.
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Are you talking about the inside part of the elbow? It is hard to say what it could be, it is definitely smart to get it checked out before it possibly escalates into something else.

I have known a few positions players to have TJ, not to try to scare you as it doesn't sound like that is the case with your son if he is still able to throw without pain. I know whenever my forearm was tight, my elbow began to hurt.

Let us know what the doc has to say.
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