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Players, Parents, Coaches, and Friends

I wanted to send an email to all of you announcing the ELITE BASEBALL RHINO program.

I am sure many of you had heard some rumblings, some of you may have heard some truth, and some of you may know everything exciting that has happened to travel baseball in Illinois. I wanted to personally send you an email explaining the whole program to you.

The ELITE BASEBALL RHINO program was a merger that happened between the former youth director and upper division management of the Illinois Redbirds, and the owners of the Chicago Elite. Mergers do not happen very often in travel baseball, but we believe that the times are changing. We are trying to set the tone that travel baseball needs to come back together instead of splitting apart. We believe this merger is the first of many.

Taking two of the best programs in the area and coming together means numbers in strength. Strength comes from players, coaches, management, and instructors. We realize that to be the best you have to associate with the best, and that is what we want to do.

Here is what we can offer a player, team, instructor, or coach:

1.) Bo Jackson Dome merger.

Many of you know the Bo Jackson Dome. Most of you associate it as the best practice facility in the area. We believe that to be true also, and our merger agreement with them really helps the program tremendously. Our agreement with the Bo Dome gets us precious infield time for every player in the program all year round.


The Rhino House is the programs own private facility. We realize the importance of a place where the boys can go and know it's their own. Especially at the older levels. We are providing a hitting and pitching facility for young men to enjoy 365 days a year as their own. Somewhere they can go and have a clubhouse / family feel that they take pride in and concentrate on baseball.

3.) Personal Instructors.

The EBR's believe in proper instruction for coaches and players. At every practice their will be a specialized instructor that will help players and coaches run proper practices and giving the boys proper instruction.

4.) Paid Coaches.

The EBR's provide paid coaches for the 14U - 18U age levels. We provide all the youth coaches with proper instruction and coaches clinics to have qualified coaches, but we believe the boys needed to be handed off to professional coaches that can take the boys to the next levels in their careers.

5.) Private Instruction.

While the EBR's provide a lot of individual and team instruction. Many players look and need more individual attention. The EBR's provide many qualified instructors in every area that can give private lessons at deep discounted rates at the Rhino house.

6.) Under Armour sponsorship.

The EBR's will be powered by Under Armour for the 2013 season. This means that all Rhinos will wear Under Armour, and will be at discounted rates.

7.) Speed, Strength, and Agility training

All players will be given speed, strength, and agility training throughout their time as a Rhino. The upper division will run on optional classes according to their High School training, and the younger divisions will receive two classes per week with a certified trainer.

8.) Under Armour 360 combine training and baseball testing by P2 Performance.

The management staff at Elite Baseball Rhinos believe in numbers and statistics to show a players improvement. As a parent that is paying good money for the total experience for your son, you need to see this improvement. For high school coaches and college recruiters, they need to see numbers. We are the first to offer this type of testing. Right after tryouts, the player will be put through testing. We will test again before the season starts, and we will test again after the season. These numbers will be on your players profile and reviewed with you on his progress or lack thereof. These numbers will also be available at your permission to coaches at other programs.

9.) World Data System Revenue Share Program.

We under the cost of travel baseball can be a burden. Every team and player will have the access and right to any of the normal traditional fundraising to help with their players cost. But the EBR's have a unique opportunity with a corporate sponsor to not only let your son play for free, but to also help raise funds for the program to keep getting better. World Data Systems is a credit card processing company that is offering a 50% revenue share back program to any company that switches their processing over. Its a win for the company, a win for the player and parents, and a win for the EBR's. This is a unique and a rare opportunity for any program, and we can not thank World Data Systems enough for this opportunity!

We understand that their are a lot of great programs for you to coach at or your player to play at. We are not here to persuade any one from where they are at. We want to make you aware of what we are providing at the Elite Baseball Rhinos. We are looking to build the best elite baseball program that get the kids to play to their potential and get them to the next level. During that process we want them to have fun and be great young and respectful men! If this is something that you as a coach want, you as a parent wants, you as a player wants, or even you as a team wants.... Please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can go to to look at the tryout flier or preregister for tryouts!

Please feel free to pass on!

Thank you for your time.... Good Luck on the diamond!

Brian Tehako


14827 Founders XING

Homer Glen, IL. 60491

(708)949 - 8823

(312)371-7917 (Cell)
ELITE BASEBALL RHINOS 14847 Founders XING Homer Glen, IL 60491
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