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Just like to know if you ever had any moments that stick out in your mind where you or someone else did something embarrasing during a baseball game. Back in high school i was playing centerfield and are team was winning 2-1 in the last inning. The opposing team was home and up to bat with one out and a guy on second. The ball was hit to my left side easy routine fly and i went to pivot to go back on it however the cleat on my shoe got stuck to my other shoe and i fell down. ball rolled to the fence i got up quick and hit the cut off man holding the guy to a triple. however next batter hit a single and brought in the winning run. It was pretty hard to run back to the dugout with my head down, but luckily my teammates didnt really care about the loss because they were having to much fun laughing at the fact that i fell flat on my face.

I also remember a time when Larry Walker made a mistake in montreal by handing a fan a ball when there were only two outs he quickly realized this and took the ball from the kid and got the ball back into the infield before the runner on base could advance any further. He gave the kid a ball after the inning, but just goes to show that sometimes the pros make mistakes to.
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yaya12, Big Grin.
I remember a "T" ball game when a little kid was running from second base and it looked as if he might score. It would be close. His grandfather was going ballistic and ran from the stands screaming at the top of his lungs for his grandson to “RUN RUN!!!”. He was still screaming “RUN” when he noticed the third base coach was holding his grandson up at 3b by holding onto his grandson’s shirt tail. The grandfather was so embarrassed that he had to leave the park.
I was watching my little brother play T-ball. After he hit the ball, he ran toward first base, then halfway to the base, he decided to take his helmet off for whatever reason. He stopped for a few seconds, and had a bit of a struggle getting it off. That wasn't so bad, as I noticed quite a few other kids who started running to 3rd base after a hit.

This didn't happen to me, but out pitcher was going for a complete game. We were ahead by one run in the bottom of the last inning, and their batter hit a double. So our coach ops to intentionally walk their hitter to set up for a double play. On the 2nd pitchout, the batter reached out way across the plate and mashed a homer to the opposite field to win the game-the pitchout wasn't out far enough.

And for the finale, here's my most embarassing moment. I was the runner on 2nd, and a pitch bounced in the dirt, I decided to run for third. The ball didn't bounce too far from the catcher, so I figured the play would be close. As I approached third I was preparing to dive headfirst into the base, but at the last moment I picked up the body language of the thirdbaseman and knew that there was no throw, and I didn't get any help from my 3rd base coach either. So at the last moment I decided to walk up to the base. However, I had just barely started my dive, and tried to stay up with my weight too far forward. So rather than diving, sliding, or jogging to a stop, I took a flip and I did a 180 in the air, and flew about 3 feet past the base, and then scampered back on my knees to the base. Thank God I didn't have to run home cause I couldn't run. I banged my knee a bit, and could only jog slowly. I had a nice round scrape on my knee that resembled a strawberry. Moral of this story...when in doubt...slide.
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Man are you right about when in doubt slide, I broke for home one time from third when a catcher tried to throw out the runner stealing second I hussled for home and the shortstop cut it off attempting to gun me out As I got close to the plate i got caught somewhere between sliding and standing up second guessed myself, Broke my ankle in five pieces and the ****** thing is that the umpire called me out. Worst summer of my life wearing a cast and watching re-runs of road rules everyday.

To be frank, I have probably have had more embarrasing moments than my son has. My moments usually come when I yell something out and not being fully aware of what is going on the field. Just last year, there was a first and third situation where my son broke from first and acted like he was loafing to second. Well, there are no loafers in my household Big Grin

So I yelled, "Why weren't you hustling" or something to that effect when he was thrown out. The run did score which the play was designed to do - draw a throw. The coach heard me, turned and looked right at me and went "Nice play" to my son as he was clapping for him as he ran off the field. My face turned a few shades of red but I guess I got over it - eventually Big Grin

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