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To a scout, it does not matter whether you go to Episcopal or Bellaire. It also does not matter to college coaches either. If you can play, then you can play.

The only people that will say negative things about private school baseball are public school coaches. I used to coach at a private school. When I was there the coaches in my area thought I was a recruiter, a cheater and could not coach. Now that I coach at a public school, all of a sudden, I can coach and I am one of the guys.

Good luck to you.
I'm not a public school coach. I'm the mother of a kid who played 2 years public and 2 years private. The private school experience my son had WAS negative. My son was moved from a public school to a private school for his last two years of HS. Scouts were all over him his sophomore year. I cannot say that this same level of interest remained once he moved to the private school. There was only one school in our D/FW district that gave us a competitive game!! Maybe in Houston the competiton for you will be different. Since my son lived with his father, I had little to say about the "move". Looking back now, my son admits it hurt him. I wish you the best. Like FD said, if you can play ..... you can play. Respect the game and it will respect you. As for as the bat question, you will have to wait on a coach, player, dad, etc. to answer.
Here in Texas, Private schools do not normally draw the same attention as public schools.

Bottom line is if you are a player that has the ability to "garner the attention", then you will be seen.

However, 2nd Baptist in Houston has turned out a few high level players. One 2005 grad has committed to A&M. A few other 2005 Private school grads (Houston Christian) are going to Missouri, Tulane, & Brigham Young.
And, isn't Episcopal HS the 5A school that was admitted to UIL to play public schools? Have you checked Episcopal's alumni to see where they go?
Here in Dallas, Jesuit HS was admitted in 2004-05, after a legal battle of many years, & is sending several kids to some very good D1 programs (Rice, Texas, Arkansas, among others). Occassionaly, Dallas Christian, Bishop Dunne or Bishop Lynch will have a player or 2 who are standouts.
Suggest you also contact posters from the Houston area, like gloveman, kevin in missouri city, & visit Here, you'll find lots of info on schools & players from the Houston area.
Summer ball will provide most exposure. Kyle Chapman, Houston Heat, So. Texas Sun Devils, etc. are teams that have some of the best opportunities & contacts with scouts/recruiters for exposure.
Gloveman can help you with the bat question, too.
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When I was the coach at FW Nolan, we had 8 Division 1 signees in a 2 year period (2000-2001). If you can play, and the coach does his job of promoting his players, it does not matter, public or private in the state of Texas, Dallas area or Houston area.

When I had those kids, and Steve Adair had David Purcey, Chris Jones and Scott Rooker at Addison Trinity Christian, there would be between 6 to 18 pro scouts at our games. Scouts don't care about the level of competition you are playing against, they want to see tools. Oh, I used to be a scout for Cleveland, so I guess I'd better speak for myself.
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Episcopal is well known in the houston area as being a top tier baseball program. They compete and win with the top of the houston 5a talent. In the past couple years Episcopal has produced:
Mark Hamilton- Tulane 1B, Will Goodwin- LSU RHP, Brain Friday- Rice SS, Will Macdaniel- Rice RHP, and i am sure many others that i didnt hear about, but if you are good, you will been seen at Episcopal
Your best exposure will come in the summer and fall - playing for a good select club.

As far as a -3 bat deal. Do a google or FASTsearch on the brand name bat you like, along with the keywords baseball, bat and -3.

You can also check out closeouts at:
Don Morton Sports
Sport 2000

I strongly recommend getting a bat on closeout. So what if it is last season's paint job? It still has full warranty. And there isn't a dime's worth of difference in any of the BESR bats anyhow.

Watch out for "blems", though. These normally will NOT have the full warranty.

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