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What is the outcome of a play where the players body (everything including uniform) is in foul territory but gets hits with a fair batted ball?  For example:  Runner on 3rd and is in foul territory but is very close to the line.  Batted ball is half way over the foul line and touches the batter.  Since it is a "fair ball" should the runner be out even though the runner is in foul ground?  I realize this has pretty much zero chance of happening but it is remotely possible.

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6.01 Interference, Obstruction, and Catcher Collisions

(a) Batter or Runner Interference

It is interference by a batter or a runner when:

(11)  A fair ball touches him on fair territory before touching a fielder

So, by rule, both the batted ball must be fair, AND the batter or runner must be on fair territory to get an out for interference.

The player's position relative to fair / foul on a ball in play is not determined by the position of the feet and or torso.  If any part of that player is "hanging" over fair territory, that "hanging" portion is in fair.   Likewise if a 1b reaches with his glove on a liner that is foul when his feet and body are fair, it is a foul ball. 

Now the opposite is true when you are near a dead ball territory.  There a player must be in the field of play but can reach into dead ball area to make a catch.

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