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I am not accusing anyone dipshit, good grief you fuckers are obtuse

Let's see...

Puts out an opinion not founded on facts. Puts words in other peoples' mouths. Accuses others of having a conspiracy. Refuses to look at their own words for what they truly mean. Throws a tantrum when being called on BS (and not the first time.) And now this? Is there any value you add to this forum?


There are sites where language like you’ve been using is okay. This isn't one of them.

According to your profile, you joined this site to learn as much as you can to help your son, who presumably is a 2022 grad who has not yet played a single high school game. 

Yet you’ve taken it upon yourself to lecture people who have been where your son wants to go—people who have played college sports, who have been through the recruiting grind, whose kids have played D1 and P5 baseball, whose kids have coached D1 baseball, and who have been involved with PG as parents, coaches, and umpires. 

You may not believe it, but the people you’ve been calling names have experience and insight that can help you navigate your son’s baseball journey. 

I hope you stick around and become a constructive member of this site. I hope your son has a great high school career and creates opportunities for himself after high school.

To do that, you need to engage differing opinions more constructively. You accuse us of not tolerating dissent, but you’re the one who turned the dialogue into profane trash talk.

I don’t care if you believe what I told you about why the agonizing over Top 250 rankings is ill-advised. Accept it or not. Respond maturely or not at all. Take your attitude down a notch or go elsewhere. 

This dialog is closed. If you want to respond, message me through a private dialogue. 

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