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I might be crazy on this one but I could have swore about 5 or 6 years ago that the NFHS put in a rule that said dugouts must be covered completely. So any type of open dugout would then be illegal.

Did that rule ever pass and if so is it still in effect because I see open dugouts all the time? Could you give me the rule number from the book as well?

Also, is it in the rules that ONLY pitchers cannot wear white undersleeves or is it illegal for all players? Also, under NFHS rule set.

Thanks guys.

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"As far as the undersleeves (exposed) question goes; no white or gray for the pitcher only. Other fielders are OK."

Actually, I believe the newest NFHS rules say that if the team undershirt is white or grey, the P can have that color so long as they do not extend below the elbow, and the U does not consider the uniform sleeve color to be distracting. Am I interpreting this correctly?

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