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Most Valuable Player is proud to bring back Kevin Schnall/Head Recruiter for Coastal Carolina and offer, as a parent of a catcher, what I consider the best Catching event about Catching.

This is not your typical "frame this, frame that" type catching event. Kevin teaches the fine points of catching and works each player out physically to help him understand what it takes to become the catcher at the next level.

WHAT Kevin Schnall Catching Agility
WHEN Saturday 29 November 2008
WHERE 200 Penrod Glen Burnie, MD 21051

  • Session I 9:00-10:30 Few Spots Left
  • Session II 10:45-12:15 Few Spots Left
  • Session III 1:00-2:30 PM Most Spots Available

COST $85.00
WHO Catchers Grouped by Age. Minimum Age is 12

Kevin is the most intense motivator, who you can tell absolutely loves CATCHING. Please note the demand in the past has been so great from new and previous participants, please register as early as possible.

Go to: Complete the Prospect Survey Form, then pay via the Secure On-Line Shopping Cart.

Thank you so much for this opportunity,

Al McCormick
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********Highly Recommend You Take One of the Last 10 Available Spots*******

Whether you are in college and home over Thanksgiving break, or looking to distinguish yourself as a high school catcher you need to work out with Kevin Schnall. It is always the little things which make a difference and as a parent of a catcher I can promise you Kevin will help you make those changes.

I know this, NEVER pass up an opportunity to work with someone knowledgeable about the Art of Catching. We all know they are few and far between, so take advantage when the opportunity presents itself.

I can tell you Kevin Schnall loves catching and loves sharing the little things. DO NOT MISS THIS!

I have attached a flyer, but recommend you register today at .

Thank you for the opportunity,

Al McCormick
(410) 721-4203
Baseballguy!! Couldn't agree with you more! It is nice to know about things, but 3 times in two different Threads is a bit much for this clinic or any clinic for that matter.
Between the BATT Academy, MVP, and Elite Baseball you would think if their training weree that good they would spend a few bucks advertising instead of taking the FREE route all the time!!
I have been in the area for quite a while and haven't seen any training facility actually SPEND money on any advertisement (newspaper or on-line)except Frozen Ropes!! Although they also do put events in here from time-to-time as well.
Maybe there should be an anouncement page with only one submission per topic allowed per month.
Crusader're right. It is the Maryland thread.

I don't really have a problem with them mention of the event.....but, I guess where I have a problem with continually running these type of 'announcements' is that they are for events that players/players families PAY to attend, therefore are revenue generating (I don't want a discussion on the profitability or lack thereof). To use this free forum to generate revenue seems to be abusive of the privilege and the site.

I think to place an ad here (paid) would be best or to make a single announcement and be done with it. But, to run free ads (let's call them what they are) again and again.....just doesn't seem right.

Not many comments on this one way or the, it looks like most others agree with you.
CrusaderDad, I think baseballguy explained his position very well. I also have no problem with the entry of training information and options that are available to players and families. Every company should have an equal chance to enter their program information and then let the families decide if they want to participate.
However, I do beleive that entries of this type should be limited to one entry every month. Multiple posts by the same company to keep the "FREE AD" at the top of the queue should be prohibited.
If this practice continues the message board could be flooded with multiple "Ad" submissions as each organization could attempt to gain equal access which would be a normal reaction if they felt a competitor was receiving preferential access to potential customers. So hopefully because of this thread there will be a bit more "discretion" regarding the use of this forum for multiple "FREE ADS".
This is a valid point that baseballguy is trying to make.
I have to agree with CrusaderDad and must say that I'm happy that Batt Academy and MVP Baseball post their info in the Maryland forum. My son has had dealings with both and they aren't just there to make money. I know my son was very upset not to be able to play for Al McCormick's MVP Junior Olympic team due to a elbow injury,but Al still had the time to give my son advice and encouragement. Batts is also a first rate facility where the people (ex. and present pro players) go out of their way to help young atheletes better their game. Honestly I don't see the problem because many people are looking for these types of facilities. If your not interested just move on to the next thread.


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