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Now I know that good websites don't mean good ball teams and bad websites don't mean bad ball teams, but the bad websites sure make it difficult to send those letters.

My son and myself were working on his next round of letters to send out his summer schedule and are really frustrated at some of the websites. One entire college website had no mention of their team mascott, and on another website, we couldn't even find the baseball coaches name!!!

Granted these are all JUCO schools, but it really is frustrating.

In this day and age, ALL college baseball programs need to have better web pages!!

Any comments??
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I like the ones where you look up the stats and the guy who is leading the team in batting average isn't even listed on the roster.

It tells you much more about the school's information dept. than the baseball team.

It's fun to "design" a web site, but the maintenance of such website is quite boring - much harder to find volunteers.
Kunga....I remember when we were sending out letters...and gathering was and sometimes we called to get names...

It is a challenge...make you a master list for sure...but be sure to update with any possible coaching changes when you followup...or when you are contacted back from the schools...

Baseball America sells a Directory with links to every professional Major, Minor and Independent team, Every D1 program and every D2, D3 and NAIA program.

Listings include names, addresses, telephone numbers, website addresses, SID offices, home fields dimensions etc.

It used to be available for about $15, but I got mine through my subscription to Baseball America. It is a good resource.
Agree with the Baseball America directory being excellent, but it does get outdated fast as coaches move around. It's a great starting point for phone/adress, but I'd still get some direct (phone/web/etc.) contact with the school to make sure of the name of the current coach.

Also try John Skilton baseball site. I think it links from this site.
I have the "Official Athletic College Guide". Got a couple-years-old copy from HS coach. I found it invaluable. Just note that the coaches change regularly. It can be found here. An example of the information for each college is here. The following was copied from their web site:

The Sport Source is the definitive guide to collegiate baseball programs in the United States. It includes detailed academic and athletic profiles for more than 1400 men’s college baseball programs with NCAA - Division I, II, III, NAIA, NCCAA, and NJCAA affiliations. A special introductory section outlines the various steps in the college recruitment and selection process with tips on evaluating athletic programs, effective communication with college coaches, and resume preparation. It’s a must for any high school age baseball player whose goal is to play college baseball!

You can buy it online for $35. Note, I have no affiliation with the sellers of this book, just found it highly useful.

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