Anyone familiar with the Ft.Meyers, FL area? I am looking for a hotel, condo, or house to rent for the underclass PG world wood tourny October 6-9.
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We are staying at the Holiday Inn Belltower. It's a nice hotel with a great Sports Bar (shoeless Joe's) great fast food. There are a few others right on the same strip. It's about a 10-15 minute ride to all the fields from there
Gosh....its amazing how their prices double at that time of year though. Who knew that Christmas in Florida was the most expensive time of year to visit? I thought the summer seasons were the highest for tourism. Ya learn something new everyday. Cool

Ow ow owie goes the wallet.
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We often stayed at the Best Western Waterfront in Ft Myers for a number of PG tourneys and showcases and Central Florida Renegades games. It is just across the Caloosahatchie River from downtown Ft Myers, much closer to Terry Park on Palm Beach Blvd and the BoSox facilities on Edison Avenue than others like the Radisson Ft Myers on Cleveland (Fl 41)(a PG favorite).

It has a great waterfront bar (usually sporting numerous very nice-lookng, nubile females, if you're looking for that... Wink)and restaurant (Pinchers Crab Shack) and is close to other restaurants and bars downtown and elsewhere. On the contrary, it's a hike from the Minnesota Twins facilities, if games are played there, but you can get there via I-75 fairly quickly. Plus, it's relatively inexpensive with fantastic water views if you ask nicely. I attached the URL below.

Best Western Waterfront
Coach - glad to help. Hope you have a great time in Ft Myers. We've been there for numerous events and always had a great time. I recommend Carabba's on 41 (Cleveland Ave) near the Radisson for a nice Italian meal the night before your first game. Food's very good, not real expensive, and they have 2-for-1 drinks Friday until 7pm. Very crowded in the past, so go early. Nice looking female talent, too, maybe not as good as that in the Bradenton location, though... Cool

Also, if you're at Terry Park, or even BoSox facility, check out Sonny's BBQ on Palm Beach Blvd (toward I-75) for lunch or dinner. All-you-can-eat BBQ will feed a hungry team on the cheap. Highly recommended.
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If you stay in North Ft. Myers stay in your rooms after dark or you might be on the next "Cops" tv program. There is a reason they are cheaper than those in South Ft. Myers. Having stayed in both places a few times I'll pay the extra cost of staying in the south end of the city.
The Best western that was recommeded here was great. Nice rooms, great view and the restaurant (crab house) was a nice place to sit and enjoy some sea food and cold ones.
For the upcoming PG Nationals Underclass showcase, we have made reservations at the Crestwood Suites in Ft. Myers. Does anyone have any experience with this hotel? Seemed like one heck of a deal...


Been to Ft. Myers many times, and I prefer to stay off of the "strip". We generally try to mix in a little vacation time while we are down there and stay on one of the islands. You have Ft. Myers Beach (Estero Island) which is a great place to go if you have your whole family with you and the ladies want to mix in a little beaching / shopping while the boys go to the Showcase. It is also a great place to walk around and do the "tourist" stuff at night when you don't play. Another awesome Island is Sanibel, though much pricier it is a great place to take the family with many "tourist" things available. The biggest drawbacks to both of these suggestions is that you need to supply yourself atleast a 1 hour cushion for travel time because of drawbridges, traffic etc...But for a "family" traveling together, you cannot beat it!
I have been down to Ft. Meyers for 4 years while playing for Plymouth State and one year to see my brother play in the Gene Cusic Invitational. Each time I was down for at least a week. Shimp Shack is good food, happy hour specials include 2 for 1 drinks. If its just the boys going to dinner you have to hit up Hooters on Cleveland Ave or on the Beach.

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