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Does anyone know information about the MSABC Futures Games? Here is what I know:
1. It is a team made up of the best Juniors in MD.
2. Games will be played in Chicago at a cost of $600 per player.
3. 5 games in 3 days - I think...
4. Players had to be nominated by their coach and selected by the Coaches who work the tryout.

Is this the first year for this? How is this different than what the Baseball Factory offers - I know it is certainly cheaper! Do many scouts show up for these games?
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I don't know, I first heard of this thing a couple weeks ago.

I've never been a big fan of these high school tournament teams. I've coached high school and summer baseball, and I just haven't seen the "bang for the buck" for the players who get involved.

My two fundamental problems with Team MD and now this Futures Games Team.

1. I'd like to know how many players from MD who have gone to the Sunbelt Classic (in Oklahoma) and ended up playing for a college somewhere in the vicinity of Oklahoma? I mean I'm sure this event is scouted, but mostly by schools within 300 or 400 mile radius. Nothing wrong with showcase or tournaments under the guise of getting exposure to college coaches. But my experience tells me that going to regional tournaments like this (since we live in MD...go to NY or NC or OH) would be much more beneficial for these players. Although, to tell the truth, since these are seniors, most all of them already have college plans.

2. This tournament leaves the summer teams these boys play on in a bit of a hole. I'll bet these same high school coaches would throw a fit if their star player(s) had to miss 3 or 4 games because of a out of town band competition.

Rant ended...
I agree that it would be more beneficial for kids trying to be looked at to play at a venue closer to the state they are living in, but like Larry also answered for himself, most of these guys have already committed prior to the Sunbelt Classic. I think for more of these kids it's about the experience and the competition piece more than the recruiting factor. The two years my son played on that team he was more interested in showing the bigger states that Maryland has guys that can play at a high level. Speaking for myself and only myself, I've also coached summer teams when I have had guys playing in the classic, and to be honest with you, I was happy that the guys got the experience of playing guys from other states. Most of the guys they faced are comprised of mid to high level DI collegiate players and I'd rather they gain the experience for one week rather than me getting 2 or 3 extra W's. Dosen't mean that I wasn't competetive, just thought it was a good experience for them. Smile

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