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Hi,. Im a Freshman DI college pitcher looking for advice from former college or pro pitchers or coaches. In high school i used to average around an 83 fastball but was known to get up to 88. A year later (now) after strength gains and core strength increase i can pretty much throw 88 on command but am having masjor issues with location and cofidence in throwing that hard. Throught high school i threw 83 sidearm with movement. I still throw sidearm but probably sit closer to 86-89 consistantly. Im having trouble spotting my fastball like i used to and I am looking for some tips to learn to spot with velocity.
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89 is great velocity for a side armer. Side arm is the toughest slot to control. Your release point gives you inside to outside edge of the plate (The smallest zone) Three quarter on the other hand is the easiest angle for control because your angle at release is high inside to low outside. Even over the top gives you top to bottom from release.

You give up some control for the advantage of unusual movement. Three quarter usually gives more movement than straight over the top and it gives the biggest strike zone path from release point or arm path. That's one reason why so many swear by that angle. Most sidearmers who can throw with good velocity just throw it down the middle and let the movement take care of the hitters. Maybe you're trying too hard to spot your pitches. A sidearmer with your velocity should be a ground ball machine.
IMHO a big problem in controlling velocity is rythym. Undoubtedly your arm speed is greater so your timing may be off. Are you rushing? Your pitching coach should help, of course, but also it just may be a matter of patience, giving yourself the time and experience necessary to control your greater velocity. Focus on the positive.. you've gotten better.
Originally posted by sidearmnation:
Hi there, my name is Geoff Freeborn. I'm an ex pro pitcher from Canada. I
was on HS bBaseball Forum and saw your post looking for sidearm
instruction? I have started a website on sidearm/submarine pitching. It's
basically a whole bunch of interviews of current/ex AAA/MLB pitchers who
pitched from down there. Some good stuff in interviews on mechanics and
how to pitch to hitters etc... hope it can be of some help!

Thanks, Geoff
Geoff ... How about providing advice rather than spamming your site in identical posts in four threads? This board is about helping, not generating personal revenue unless of course, you would like to pay to advertise.

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