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Looking for advice when meeting with area scouts. I found a great thread but just wanted to see if there any additional recommendations in terms of good questions for player/parent to ask? This would be for HS seniors.

My son and I both understand that this is a numbers game and are not reading anything more in to these meetings then an opportunity for scout to learn more about son. My son understands that his focus needs to be on the process and that scout interest only lasts as long as a player performs at a high level.  We are both treating this as I think we should...a fun experience and opportunity to learn more about the draft process.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

"Baseball is more then a game. It's like life played out on a field." - Juliana Hatfield

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I'm sure folks will add some great advice. We didn't have a lot of exposure to this process. The one in house meeting we had, it seemed apparent that the scout wanted to gauge son's and parent's willingness to forego college and be drafted along with getting to know the kid and family. We asked about a "day in the life of an Milb'er", "The off season" and asked about the college insurance options. 

For both college and mlb wife and I met ZERO area scouts.  Son probably met 2 or 3 in high school and all 30 mlb scouts in college.  We were "told" by other parents scouts prefer not to talk parents so we stayed away.  I don't know how true this is though.  Only scout we met and got to know is the one that drafted him.  Lots and lots and lots of advisers though.  Basically the scouts are trying to determine where your son's head is at, college vs pro.  We were instructed never to discuss "numbers" as to what it would take to turn pro, you could be low balling yourself in the long run.

Appreciate the feedback. We met with area scout today. Not a long story so will keep it short but definitely a plug for good advisers! We received message yesterday from adviser that area scout would be in town today and wanted to meet with my son. I understand that any scout interest at this point for my son is usually just a questionnaire so I did not pay much attention to "area" scout. If I had, I would have had more questions for my son's adviser. So come to find out that this area scout was in town to meet with someone else and for whatever reason it did not work out. He asked adviser if he knew of anyone else that he could meet with and that is how we ended up meeting with him. Great experience for my son and another opportunity for him to work on his comfort level in those types of situations. In addition, the scout does not leave until tomorrow evening so he is going to stop by and watch my son throw with his PC. Obviously this would have never occurred were it not for my son's adviser. As I said, also a plug for good advisers! Thanks again for feedback!


Generally the questions we ask are about their minor league facilities , housing, nutrition, weight training, whether the team like bands, weighted balls, driveline etc. Somtimes free agency as it pertains to their team and next year's draft comes up. 

It seems the larger market teams spend more on minor league teams , usually the fields are nicer, food is better, housing is better. 


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