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I’m considering bringing my son (junior / 2011) to the camp at D-Bat this weekend run by several college coaches and am confused by the ncAA rules about coaches talking to me and my boy.

I asked some of the coaches via email who supposedly be attending if will I have a chance to talk to them during the camp and how we would know if they were interested. Here are the responses (quoted directly) I got:

Head Coach Cole (penn): “ will know later on if we are interested..

Head coach Drobinsky (Brown): “You may certainly talk to Coach Murphy (assistant) at the Camp and he will let you know where he stands with us”

Head Coach Walkenbach (Cornell): “NCAA rules do not allow me to talk to you in any sort of recruiting capacity during this camp. you can contact me after the camp to get my impressions of your son.”

Head Coach Wilk (Georgetown): “we will be accessible during the camp without question.”
**not sure what to make of this considering:

Assistant coach Wheeler (Richmond): “I most certainly will be available to speak with at the camp”

Needless to say, I’m completely lost – and confused why these coaches are giving different answers on the same rules. Are they running the camp together? What is the rule on this? I don’t think I want to go to a recruiting camp if I can’t talk to the coaches there, do I? and I don’t want my son to be in trouble with the ncaa

HELP!! Confused
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From the Recruiting Tips link on the home page. You might want to read up in that section for yourself.

*****You can call or meet with a coach at any point in your high school career. That's right, you can call a coach whenever you want. The key here is that you are the one initiating contact with the coach and not the other way around. If you want to call a coach or visit a campus and set up a meeting with the coach, you may do so as often as you wish.*****

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