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Good stuff.  Is it the norm for recruits to play on a 18U summer club team the summer prior to showing up to college?  Son is accepted to a NESCAC school. 

I'm also wondering when are decisions made to which summer league he'd play in as a rising college soph?  Seems like it's late to decide in the spring of his freshman year, but then again, the college coach doesn't have any performance data for the kid as a college player to help vector the player to whichever league.

Curious how this works as a D3 guy.

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Depending on the college, usually 18u summer before. All though there may be a local summer collegiate leaguebthat takes on rising Freshman. Son had an opportunity to play with onenof these teams. However his 18 u team regularly plaid a team or two in this league,mand beat them soundly, with wood bats. So he opted for hisn18u. He played with them again as a rising sophomore.

I would suggest hebtalkbto his coach pretty early in the fall and let him know his interest to play summer ball, and ifbthe coach would help place him. 

Thanks for posting Bishop… great video.  Excited that my son is playing here this year.  Should be fun….

Gov — my kid is a freshman this year.  Last summer he played for a local collegiate league wood bat team that was part of the Golden State league.  Was a great thing for him personally as he got to pitch against range of older guys — JC/D3?D2/D1 guys.  His team wasn’t good.  While he wanted to win, bigger picture was that it didn’t matter as this was about getting ready/use to facing batter that had played at the next level.

Your right MAM there are more local type wood bat collegiate leagues than ever. We have three I am aware of in Ohio.

From my experience many of these leagues take rising freshmen. 

Are they the great lakes league, valley, cape, or others, no. But the teams are usually have Local D1,D2,D3, Naia, and juco players. These leagues may have a host family or two but most of them are designed for local talent home for the summer. 

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