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I am from Wisconsin and there ar many players in the state that are not getting any attention. I know kids that are definately D1 material, but they don't get recognition. What should these players do to get noticed even though it is getting late? What attitude should they take in the recruiting process?
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Market themselves!

We don't live in an area where we can sit and wait for coaches to come to us. They ain't coming up here to see 1 or 2 players so they need to go to the the coaches.

Follow the recruiting guidelines on this site and showcase themselves and try to hookup with one of the big time showcase teams.

Wisconsin Blazers

Racine Hitters

Check their alumni pages and see how many have been placed at the DI or DII levels. Even those playing at the DIII levels have gotten significant financial aid.

Most importantly be proactive. They need to contact the colleges they are interested in attending and playing for. They need to be persistent.

Play every game as if it were your last
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I've discovered that if you really want to be seen by schools and scouts outside your area, then you must go to them. That usually means participation in top level showcases -- and travel teams that play at a high level, possibly outside your own area.
Never underestimate the power of letters and telephone calls. You have to market yourself. Follow the timeline.

Unless, of course, you're a 6'5" LHP throwing 90 plus. Then you can just sit back and wait for them to find you.

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baseballsj11 - I hope I don't discourage you too much, but maybe a ?possible? reality. If indeed they are going to showcases and camps and nothing is coming in for them - it may be that they're not as good as you think. It may be that they're good HS players but the scouts/coaches at the showcases and camps don't see a place for them in their college program.

I don't think many college coaches will pass on someone they think can help them, unless there are other issues (grades, attitude, etc...).

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After getting my two into college now, I know the process--and it is a process! But if these players don't know what to do it may be too late.

Fact: No one is going to give them a baseball offer if they have not SEEN them. And, they will probably not come to see them. Players absolutely have to go to a showcase or a school camp where coaches can evaluate them. The exception to this is if the player is so good that everyone has heard of them. From my experience, those players are primarily from Texas, California, and Florida where baseball is always "happening".

It would take alot of fast work right now for an '04 graduate to get himself out there when so many have already committed. But I'm sure it is possible.
Hello baseballsj11

I am a college head coach located in South Carolina. My email is below, and if you could send me some information on these kids, I would like to take a look at them. Include their personal info, positions, coaches names and #'s, high school info and such. I will contact them to learn more that I need. Thanks

Claflin University
Orangeburg South Carolina
I know how these kids feel. I've been off the radar for the last 2 years because I had Tommy John Surgery. I'm going to go to a JC next fall cuz really know one really knows much about me. I really have to go prove myself at a JC for a year and get back on the radar. If you can play you still need to go and show your stuff of. Don't wait for them to come to you, go to them!

You say:
Fact: No one is going to give them a baseball offer if they have not SEEN them. And, they will probably not come to see them

Not true. My son received a D1 offer and they'd never seen him play. They relied on MLB scout's who were familiar w/ our son. I know I've heard others have been in the same situation.

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