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I wanted to share my experience of hamate bone surgery, recovery, and use. I just discovered that hsbbweb had an injury category. This is awesome.

I had surgery on my left hand (I bat Right) in early December 2010 after an MRI and CT scan. My pain was on my palm and out side of the wrist. The pain would go away if I did not swing the bat for 2 weeks. I could field and throw no problem. However, as soon as I started hitting again it hurt like heck. This was a big year for me for as I was a junior a key starter on Varsity. Also, it was huge for college aspirations.

So, after discussing with Dr. (only way to get rid of pain) and my parents surgery was best option.

Did the surgery no problems. Wore a wrap for 1 week and then just band aids. Therapy started after stitches were taken out. Therapy was to reduce scar tissue and get wrist range of motion back to normal.

Therapy was a breeze and I was able to lightly swing a bat at the 4 week mark and hit balls at the 6 week mark.

At the 8 week mark I still had occasional pain on the outside of wrist and sensitivity on palm. We went back to the surgeon Dr. and he prescribed an anti-inflamm. I was now able to swing with minimal pain.

Therapist was concerned about why I was still in pain. I did not want to miss any part of the season so I played in minor pain and had a great season.

I finally had a pause in playing during August and had another mri a week ago. Lo and behold the new hand Dr. said the hook of hamate grew back and was fractured again. Hmm this made me wonder if it was fixed 100% the first time.

I am able to play with the anti-inflamms and now must decide what to do next.

If any others have had hook of hamate surgery please share your experience.

I will update this thread as I take actions.
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My 13 year old had the surgery 3 years ago. It took him about 4 weeks and he was back with no problems and none since. From what I know you have two optionsRed Facene, play thru the pain and have surgery once season is over (Pedroia did this thru playoffs one year) or two: have surgery and push the recovery. Our Ortho did a college kid and he played conference tourney in a week but he was a senior I believe and this was his last playing time
Well, my story goes on. I had another surgery to take out the floating bone that was left in there and that I played with for one year. This was in early December 2011 and the new Dr put me in a cast this time. Back swinging bat late January.

I think if you have it make sure DR goes in with a scope as an mri does not tell the whole story and there could be slight tears in ligaments that do not show up.

Once they are in there they are disturbing tissue anyway so they night as well make darn sure.

I am glad I did the surgery.
To add to the post.... My son fractured the Hamate hook 3 weeks ago during his college teams conf. tourney.The tingling in the ring and pinky were present as well as the outside wrist pain. Through some aggressive diagnosis (xray, mri,Ct scan) he difinately has a break. After some brief discussion surgery appears to be the best and fastest option to get him back on the field and best chance at a long term solution. He has proceedure this week....I will post how it goes. ty,kpc
My Son had the surgery to remove the hook on 6/21. Stiches out a week later...He worked the hand w/ some at home PT/OT and played his first game last night, 7/10.No pain. He did lose the bat on one swing from that bottom hand losing its grip....still has work to do. 3 for 4 in a college summer league is not too shabby for a turnaround time.
My 17 yr. old son, junior catcher on varsity, just had hamate hook excised yesterday. Terrific surgeon Dr. Steven Shin diagnosed and confirmed with a CT scan - which apparently is the most efficient way to see the fracture. The last 6 months have been very frustrating as my son's "sports" doctor misdiagnosed his wrist and palm pain and relied only on Xray and one MRI (that indicated a bruised hamate but no fracture). So the result was my son spending 4 weeks then resuming to play only to experience pain. Finally decided to go to a specialist at Kerlan Jobe clinic in Los Angeles. Dr. Shin went right to the pain points on my son's palm then ordered a CT scan to confirm the break. He explained that MRIs are actually too thorough often times to see this injury.

We're confident our son is on the right course for recovery and are hopeful he can resume play in 6 weeks or so - and not miss his entire season. Hope this story helps anyone in a similar situation.

Hi there,  sorry its been awhile but I want to update on my progress.


The second surgery worked. I no longer use a custom brace my dad made for me so my wrist would not over extend on the swing.


Do not think about it anymore. I would suggest that whenever you have side pain and or pain in palm get the hamate checked!!!  And then have it removed and this is key make sure that the surgeon applies something to the open part of the hamate to stop bone growth there. It can grow back especially if they only remove the part down to the fracture point.  The problem is they have to make it flat with the rest of the bone then apply the no grow back secret medicine.  In my case he put bees wax or something like it.


Had a great varsity senior season, and am now playing D1.  If you have a question post here or pm me and I will get an e mail and respond. Take care folks.

My 14 year old son fractured his Hamate but wanted to try to play through the pain and finish his high school season.  I took Erik up on his offer and tried the Whip Strip.  While it didn't alleviate the pain altogether my son said the pain was noticeably better when he used the Whip Strip. Looks like he will be able to finish up the season before having surgery. Thanks!

Input/suggestions appreciated: my 20 yr old college baseball player son initially fx base of the hook of hamate jan.2013, but not diagnosed until mid-feb, then dr puts him in cast, then finally says remove hook--he goes for surgery mid-april 2013. Then hand specialist dr slices hand, goes in, BUT does not take the hook out because said no fracture that he could see!  Problem is hamate still hurts, not healed, plus he's very hesitant to swing,and now told high risk of pain and never heal on own  unless hook excised.  He missed entire college spring season, now out for summer wood bat leagues, and eligibility clock ticking,

Anyone heard of this before-not excising the hook in surgery after ct confirms fracture?  and has any hand specialist ever said the hook will heal on its own without excision? Now trying to work 2nd surgery to excise the hook- he has hamate padded batting gloves, padded/tappered bat but other suggestions? 

All I can say is my son broke his hamate near the end of his college career.  Went pro and played 1st season in pain, not wanting to complain about it.   Off-season he went to trainers and medical staff and they diagnosed the hamate problem.  Surgery 2 days later, and recovery in the off-season and its been good ever since.   I would just recommend finding a surgeon that is knowledgeable with baseball players.

FYi, son had rehab, try to heal without surgery, did not work, then hamate surgery, then a "do over" as first surgery did not take out the entire hook by the "hand DR. that wrote the textbook on hand/wrist surgeries".  


Moral of the story, we are all human, but lets learn from others and that is, 1. get the surgery asap, skip trying to heal on own just fracture at the most inconvenient time 2. make sure to TELL the DR to take out the hamate to the base so no more fractures can result from swinging a bat.


Also, if in season, and fracture happens and need the season for stats for college recruiting, you might consider:  anti inflamms ibuprofens, naproxen, or even mobic. And a side wrist brace so can not overextend wrist to side which creates tons of pain. We used nylon camera strap or suitcase strap, with batting glove, worked great better than a tape job which does give.


good luck!!!!








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