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First time posting but long time reader of this site. 

My son broke is hook of hamate September 2016 and had surgery to remove it.  Everything appeared to be going great.  Had some twinges of discomfort through the regular season but overall had a great year.  He will be a senior this coming fall. 

Started wood bat collegiate league and felt the wrist pain again except much more intense.  Went back to the surgeon who did the hamate excision and it appears to have regrown and is fractured again. Done for the summer. He is reluctant to do surgery again because of possible complications. 

Surgeon wants him to just rest his hand and possibly do some type of injections to get him through the year.  It just doesn't seem this is the best way to go.  What if he can't continue hitting because of the year and we just wasted his last year of eligibility.

Has anyone heard of a secondary hamate removal?  I know there was someone many years ago who had to have a second operation because of his hook also grew back and fractured.

We are trying to get to another surgeon and awaiting our insurance to approve the referral.  Son doesn't want to go through life with a fractured bone in his hand.

Any ideas or knowledge of this refracturing of the hamate?











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Hey BBDAD13 - Although I have never heard of a 2nd Hamate surgery to remove a regrowth of the hook of the hamate bone I do know it can be a maddening issue to work through. I have extensive knowledge in the battling thru and recovery of the injury. So much, that I've developed a patented product to assist in getting thru a season with hamate issues and recovery after surgery.

I'd be happy to send you some product for free for your son...

Shoot me a PM





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