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At quick glance, IMO... stupid.

Do we want to make baseball more like soccer?  I don't think so.  

Would the point system have made a bit of difference in the standings for playoff teams the last five years?  No.

Is there incentive for a team to finish fifth in an eight team league for the chance to potentially extend their summer play (after playing every day since the previous fall) by a week for the chance to play the #1 seed?  Not realistically.  Those boys want any break they can get before they start the grind again at the start of fall semester.  Especially if they haven't been playing winning baseball and don't see a realistic shot at winning the playoffs.

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I agree. When My son played one summer. They played a team that was in a similar situation in the first round of the playoffs. The other team lost pretty badly for two straight games. But you could not tell they had lost. After the game was over they did a dogpile near their dugout. and were hopping an hollering. 

A couple of players on that team played for same college my son was at. When I was talking to my son after the game, I asked him what that was about. He had talked to his college teammates before the game. The other team just wanted the season to be over. They did not do great and squeaked into the playoffs and had little belief tht they would win it all. They all wanted to go home and see friends and family, spend time with the girlfriend and have a chance to unwind before school started in a few weeks. 

I am not sure why they are trying to reinvent the wheel. Not sure what was wrong with the old system. Wins-Losses and head to head. 

Furthermore, it extends the time the other playoff teams have to stay around (granted, just a day or two) and makes for an easier path for the #1 seed, since the #4 and #5 will have to try to use a good P to get to #1.  This, in turn, makes it more difficult for the #2 vs #3 seed to compete in the championship...  less incentive for everyone.

I'm guessing I'm probably not gonna get that call now to head up one of the teams in the Hamptons 

OK, I guess we should step back and let those on the other side of the argument speak up


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