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I would like to wish all the college parents happy holdays with their returning players. Son is home until Jan 10th and already the house is full of all his friends. It's fun to hear about all the other schools, the baseball teams, and even the minor leagues. School was harder than they thought but they all seem to be adjusting and stepping up. It's neat to see the maturity that has come from being away from home.

It's hard to believe their first semester/quarter is over and spring bb is right around the corner. I think mostof us are blessed to be so close to our boys in part because of baseball. For most families this adventure has been a family affair to get them to the next level. Yes our kids worked really hard but we all helped and supported them.

Enjoy your holidays with them because before you know it we'll be sending them back to college.
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SSmomma's son is experiencing his first set of college finals this week, his first study-group til' 3 a.m. pow-wow's,... 5 a.m. fresh donut runs accompanied by gallons of hot coffee to keep everyone awake,....the typing of papers until the weee morning hours,... & the setting of multiple alarm clocks at one time to ensure that no one over sleeps.
Ahhh,.....the college days and life of a student/ athlete. Rough rough! Big Grin

Friday he's packing his bags and headed home for winter break. ( insert mom grin from ear to ear )
When he returns mid January the team will be just a few weeks away from the start of the official season. Exit meetings happened last week. Expectations and predictions have been discussed.
Reality will be here before we know it!

Thank you CaBB! Smile

The best to all who are meeting up with their college kids for the holidays.
As the ol' saying goes,...
" There's no place like home ".....even if its just for a few weeks.
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Wow Krak, that's a long way but how sweet will it be for your family to be together again. As much as I missed my son the first few months I felt better when I thought about you and your son and how far away you guys are. Your family is to be commended for "letting" your son go so far away to follow his dreams of bb and getting a great education.

I bet we'll all be ready to see them leave in Jan when they've eaten us out of house and home!

Plane is scheduled to land in 23 hours and 53 minutes!!!

Down to 12 hours! Plane was delayed two hours at right now he's probably 30,000 feet over Vancouver Island as they arc up and around the North Pacific......if it's not cloudy, it's really pretty down below!

The only downer about today........I know my wife's going to make me do a lot of cleaning Mad
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Krak, hope Tristan made it home safely. Let us know!

Cleveland Dad, hope your son's flight came in okay. This winter storm stuff is brutal!

IF08 son was home for several days, but is currently at the Texas coast with some high school friends. He has been a delight, helping Dad install a new ceiling fan, picking up his sister at school, and choosing to eat dinner with us rather than his friends. It is nice to see him mature and appreciate his family more!

Christmas blessings to all!

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