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I wonder what the legal ramifications are for 2021 athletes that signed NLI’s only to have the athletic department move from D1 to D3.  Hartford might have to honor the scholarship for a year, I’d think.

edited to add:  I doubt Baseball or Softball gave out too many scholarships at Hartford, but I’m sure Basketball and women’s volleyball gave out some.

This move is particularly disappointing for the men’s Basketball team, which made the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 2021.

Every sport is moving to D3 at Hartford, not just one or two teams.

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How many other schools will follow as a way to lower expenses?  COVID hurt many budgets.   Most schools loose money on sports.  Things could get interesting.  I'd wager a lot of AD's are watching to see how Hartford cards in the press and in alumni support ($).

Agree Bandera.  When I saw this in the paper the other day, my first thought was that this is probably the first of many more to come.

This is silly, why do we accept nonsense like this?

They don't play for or represent Hartford? That's exactly what they do. They use the facilities, they live on campus, they're enrolled in their classes. If they had such an issue with this, why not forfeit the season?

What they should have protested was their record. Their best season in the past ten years was 10 wins. If all of these sports were putting up 40 win seasons and regularly winning conference titles there wouldn't be a second thought. But when you win 25% of your events, things like relegation from the administration happens. They decided they couldn't/didn't want to be be competitive at the D1 level so they're going to stop funding losing programs. Why is that such an issue?

I see people pointing to the basketball team making their first tournament. They finished middle of the pack in their conference and struck lighting by winning the conf tournament. All that to get blown out in the first round. Not grounds for keeping a program. 1st tournament appearance is never indicative of a strong athletic dept.

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