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As a fellow parent and fan, I'll echo Luv's post. Stay healthy and safe.

We've already had some drama. A stray foul ball hit a boy in our dugout directly in his right eye Saturday night. A freak thing, but incredibly scary. Coaches yelling for trainers and towels immediately, then the words nobody ever wants to hear, "SOMEBODY CALL 911!!!"

We couldn't tell who it was. I was standing next to a dad who couldn't find his son. I couldn't find mine. They were all kneeling and praying. Mine is 6'4" and usually easy to pick out. After 2 minutes of no movement, multiple parents on the phone with 911 and sheer panic and terror, the coach asked the parent next to me to come down to the dugout. My son was warming up to pitch in a bull pen out of sight and didn't even know what had happened until he finished getting warm.

I don't know what I felt, but it wasn't relief.

Luckily, despite the fact the victim wasn't moving, he was awake and talking. His parents were amazingly calm when they got to the dugout. His mother actually looked into the stands and gave a thumbs up.

He has multiple facial fractures and a badly broken nose, which actually fixed a deviated sceptom (sp?) from a previous injury. Photos from the ER reminded us of POW's from the Iraq war. He looked like he'd just lost a bad fight.

Our team was out of town at a tournament but we stayed over and visited him in the hospital on Sunday morning and he was doing much better. On Monday he was back at practice to watch and was on the bench for the game last night (amazing).

I don't wish those anxious moments on anyone and I thank God that young man is going to be OK.

Hopefully, we've hit the low point and it's all fun from here on.

Here's to no more of these bad stories...
He was skating by with great DR visits until today, when he met with the cheek guy, who says he needs surgery. Basically a plate under his cheek to keep the weak bones from the multiple fractures from collapsing as the healing process progresses.

A really great kid, starting at SS for the first time as a SR and having this happen a few games in.

The surgery is scheduled for 3/21 with a 6-8 week recovery. In AZ that means his teammates need to step up and get into the playoffs to provide him a chance to help.

I sincerely hope all umpires are safe this season and further, none of you have to stand on the first baseline and watch anything like this.

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