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I will try to help you bud....

Here is what I would do....

Since you are a sophmore, understand you still have quite a ways to go before college coaches show much intrest. Try to hook up with a good summer team. There are many of them to choose from but try to find one that will promote playing the game the right way with organization.

Second, get a list of schools you would be interested in. Go to the school library and find the addresses and send a letter to the coach and let him know you are interested. Keep communication with him and frequently send him schedules. Remember, your classroom work is very important. You won't get much intrest with poor academics.

Last but not least, work hard and enjoy the game. Play hard each day with a positive attitude. Always show hustle and be hard nosed. Good things happen to those who want it. If you really want something, you can make it happen but it will only come with hard work and dedication.

Good luck and if I can help you let me know.

This website has all the information that you will need. The advice from Ken is very good, but you don't need to go to the library and waste hours when you could be practicing.

Here is a link to the "Recruiting Timeline". It tells you all that you need to do. It has sample letters and everything you will need.

Here is a link to most of the schools email address and coaches names. What you cannot find here you can find at any university's website online.

I have found so much cool stuff on this website that is not on the message boards.
Go to the school websites and email the coaches. Also, pick out the schools you are interested in and go to those camps. They can not CALL YOU until July 1 before your senior year.

I used to work at the LSU camp. If I had a kid I thought they "needed to see," I would call one of their coaches over. Just speaking on my experiences at LSU, but that is how they get a better look at the kids they are interested in. Even a few that were not on their radar, got on that radar and were signed by going to their camps.

The Rangers David Dellucci is a former camper at LSU.

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