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This is from another thread on the board:

Sherman Coca-Cola Classic (do companies like this really sign on to sponsor tournaments?)

10:30am Frisco vs N. Lamar
12:45pm McKinney vs Argyle
3:00pm Richardson vs McKinney
5:15pm Argyle vs N. Lamar
7:30pm Sherman vs Richardson

10:30am Richardson vs Argyle
12:45pm Frisco vs Richardson
3:00pm N. Lamar vs McKinney
5:15pm Sherman vs Argyle
7:30pm Frisco vs Sherman

10:00am Sherman vs McKinney
12:15pm Argyle vs Frisco
2:30pm Frisco vs McKinney
4:45pm N.Lamar vs Sherman
7:00pm Richardson vs N. Lamar
Carrollton Diamond Classic

2:00 McKinney N vs. Naaman Forest at Creekview
4:30 Trinity Christian vs. Naaman Forest at Creekview
7:00 Trinity Christian vs. Creekview at Creekview
2:00 Irving Mac vs. Haltom at Kelly Field
4:30 Denton vs. Halton at Kelly Field
7:00 Denton vs. Newman Smith at Kelley Field

2:00 McKinney N vs. Trinity Christian at Creekview
4:30 McKinney N vs. Creekview at Creekview
7:00 Naaman Forest vs. Creekview at Creekview
2:00 Irving Mac vs. Denton at Kelly Field
4:30 Irving Mac vs. Newman Smith at Kelly Field
7:00 Haltom vs. Newman Smith at Kelley Field

Saturday - TBD
Can any of you help with tournament brackets/game times and match ups for the following tournaments...

Arlington Martin

Jennifer Tyde Classic

Thursday - March 5, 2008

Warrior Field (Arl Martin)
Keller Central vs Arl Martin....12:00pm
Tyler Lee vs Keller Central......2:30pm
Lubbock Montery vs Tyler Lee.....5:00pm
Arl Martin vs Lubbock Montery....7:30pm

Tiger Field (Mansfield)
Justin NW vs Mansfield......12:00pm
Plano East vs Justin NW......2:30pm
Amarillo vs Plano East.......5:00pm
Mansfield vs Amarillo........7:30pm

Friday - March 6, 2008

Warrior Field (Arl Martin)
Keller Central vs Lubbock Montery....12:00pm
Tyler Lee vs Arl Martin...............2:30pm
Plano East vs Tyler Lee...............5:00pm
Arl Martin vs Amarillo................7:30pm

Tiger Field (Mansfield)
Plano East vs Mansfield........12:00pm
Justin NW vs Amarillo...........2:30pm
Justin NW vs Keller Central.....5:00pm
Mansfield vs Lubbock Montery....7:30pm

Saturday - March 7, 2008

Warrior Field (Arl Martin)
Amarillo vs Tyler Lee........12:00pm
Arl Martin vs Plano East......2:30pm

Tiger Field (Mansfield)
Lubbock Monterey vs Justin NW....12:00pm
Masfield vs Keller Central........2:30pm
Eagle Mountain-Saginaw and White Settlement Tournament

Thu March 5
at Saginaw HS
2pm Denton Guyer vs Saginaw
4pm Midland Greenwood vs Guyer
6pm South Hills vs Greenwood
8pm Saginaw vs South Hills

at Boswell HS
2pm North Crowley vs Boswell
4pm Abilene Cooper vs N. Crowley
6pm Cleburne vs Cooper
8pm Boswell vs Cleburne

at Brewer
2pm Irving Nimitz vs Brewer
4pm Lake Dallas vis Nimitz
6pm Lancaster vs Lake Dallas
8pm Brewer vs Lancaster

Friday March 6

at Saginaw
2pm Saginaw vs N. Crowley
4pm N. Crowley vs Greenwood
6pm Greenwood vs Cleburne
8pm Cleburne vs Saginaw

at Boswell
2pm Boswell vs Nimitz
4pm Nimitz vs Cooper
6pm Cooper vs Lancaster
8pm Lancaster vs Boswell

at Brewer
2pm Brewer vs Guyer
4pm South Hills vs Lake Dallas
6pm Guyer vs South Hills
8pm Lake Dallas vs Brewer

Saturday March 7

at Saginaw
9am Saginaw vs Greenwood
11am Greenwood vs Lancaster
1pm Lancaster vs Nimitz
3pm Nimitz vs Saginaw

at Boswell
9am Boswell vs South Hills
11am South Hills vs Cooper
1pm Cooper vs Guyer
3pm Guyer vs Boswell

at Brewer
9am Brewer vs Cleburne
11am Cleburne vs N. Crowley
1pm N. Crowley vs Lake Dallas
3pm Lake Dallas vs Brewer
Mid-Cities Tournament

Location: Trinity High School

Thursday 3/5
11:30 Southlake vs. Paschal
2:00 Paschal vs. Richland
4:30 Richland vs. WF Rider
7:00 Southlake vs. Trinity
Friday 3/6
11:30 Trinity vs. Rider
2:00 WF Rider vs. Southlake
4:30 Southlake vs. Richland
7:00 Paschal vs. Trinity
Saturday 3/7
10:00 Richland vs. Trinity
12:30 Paschal vs. Coronado
3:00 Paschal vs. Aledo
5:30 Aledo vs. Trinity

Location: L.D. Bell High School

Thursday 3/5
11:30 Coronado vs. Aledo
2:00 Aledo vs. Allen
4:30 Allen vs. Lamar
7:00 Coronado vs. Bell
Friday 3/6
11:30 Bell vs. Lamar
2:00 Lamar vs. Coronado
4:30 Coronado vs. Allen
7:00 Aledo vs. Bell
Saturday 3/7
9:00 Lamar vs. WF Rider
11:30 Bell vs. WF Rider
2:00 Lamar vs. Southlake
4:30 Richland vs. Allen
7:00 Allen vs. Bell

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