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D1 roster limit is 40 for the 2021-22 school year, and scholarships can be less than 25% again. I don't know how many programs are doing those things, but it might mean the D1 2022s aren't done, yet. Also depends on the school. We have a local MEAC school that seems to have some scholarship money right to the end (they always need good players).

I think October has always been a busy month for Junior commitments. Schools evaluate all summer and start offering in Sep-Oct.

I don't think that the door is completely closed for 2022's, but still open for some of the top players in that class. I know of a handful of some of the top 100 players who are still not committed. Some have even recently de-committed. There are still some mid major programs out there who don't have big 2022  high school recruiting classes. Schools in conferences like the OVC, MAC. But also, some of these conferences do a lot of JUCO recruiting as well.

The door is certainly not closed. If you are good enough, there is still opportunity to play at those D1's. I committed to my D1 right after the Jupiter WWBA in 2014 (October I think). Then after transferring to a junior college, I committed to my next D1 in July the summer before starting school. Most, if not all, scholarships will be used up by now, but they will absolutely put PWO offers out until the day school starts if you are good enough.

@TerribleBPthrower posted:

Looks like based on PG, any D1 2022 commits right now are pitchers. There are a ton of 2024/25 kids committing right now as hitters. For D3 schools it is almost entirely 2022's committing right now.

It's literally 50/50 pitchers to position players for '22 D1 commits on the first page of PG.

LV is correct. There will be '22s committing in July of next year. Yes, they're outliers. Yes, the door is closing. Yes, the sun is rising tomorrow in the east. /thread.

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