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I'm very pleased to have recently joined Hsbaseballweb as a sponsor; I've been a long time follower - (and too infrequent of a poster). My sons and I have enjoyed many of the posts within - both from an entertainment and instructional view.


Now that the baseball journey has subsided - we're embarking on a new journey; and we're hoping to make many new friends!


In our many travels south of the border over the years we'd noticed the great variety of baseball equipment available to our southern neighbors - and cheaper prices! Even US internet stores can be expensive when you factor in shipping and duties/taxes.


We're pretty new to this space - but promise to do out best to ease the pocketbook pain in your quest to play like a pro - so why not look one at an affordable price?


When you have some time; please click on the link associated with"" (BaseballJones) and have a quick look around. More information is found in our Bio and profile section - and don't be shy about asking any questions at all. We have a lot of work ahead of us and value your input and advice.


We're especially proud to partner with Hsbaseballweb - and in the near future hope to develop a feature that will automatically donate a portion of your purchase to the charity of your choice - we hope you will choose HSBaseballweb when that opportunity arises.


your friend;



Play More...Pay less !!

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