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After a 4 hour game saturday I watched our teams hopes go down the drain. Baseball is truley a game of inches as we lost the craziest baseball game I have ever seen in my life 19-18 during the District 10-AAA loser bracket game to decide who the second team would be able to advance to the regionals from our district.

Dane missed a 3 run homer by 3 inches and the shortstop made a diving play with runners on second and third to snow cone a line drive in the outfield on the very next pitch to end the game.

I want to wish coach Jason Rice of Rossview and coach Shelby Rye of Dickson County the best as they advance to the regionals tonight. They are both Class Acts as coaches.

10AAA All-District Team

Kyle Stack RHP (Rossview)
Dasan Dix LHP (Rossview)
Taylor Dennis SS (Rossview)
Daniel Freeman OF (Clarksville)
Matt Hamaker 3B (Clarksville)
Timmy Browning UTL (Northeast)
Gregg Allen OF (Northwest)
Matt Brown C (Dickson Co)
Shane Bishop RHP (Dickson Co)
Matt Hartsfield SS (Dickson Co)
Miles Hartsfield 2B (Dickson Co)
Marquis Dumas UTL (Henry Co)
Matt Lee OF (Henry Co)
Thomas Pratt LHP (Henry Co)
Josh Sanders SS (Henry Co)

10AAA MVP - Dane Archer RHP (Henry Co)
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Congratulations to Dane Archer and family for Dane's 10-AAA MVP award. I look forward to watching him pitch this fall with Vol State.

Congratulations also for a few players and families I know quite well through summer ball -- Matt Brown (or as I nicknamed him "Downtown Matthew Brown"), Miles and Mark Hartsfield, and Matt Hamaker.

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