I am going into my junior year of highschool and I have a late birthday, I turn 16 the first week of July, I'm a RHP and I consistently throw low to mid 70's with my 2-seam and 4-seam, I also throw a slider, 12-6 curve, and a splitter which all consistently average around mid to low 60's with the exception of my curve hitting low 60's high 50's, I just want to know if I'll will be college material by my senior year, I want to know if I will be able to compete and be an effective pitcher at a college level whether it be D1, D2, or D3. Feedback is much appreciated, thanks.
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I'll be honest.   RHP had better be throwing mid to high 80s if not 90s, The lower the velo the more important the secondary pitch and control. 

You still have time but I'd recommend you immediately research a throwing program and weight lifting program. 


With good control and command you could pitch D3 ball throwing 82/83 mph.



Do a little research on your own. Check to see how many colleges play baseball, then multiply that number by 10. That should give you some idea about how many pitchers will be needed. Then add 5% of that number to itself for injuries or other reasons players become ineligible.  If you really believe all those pitchers are 90+ or even 85+, you need a reality check.


Your chances of pitching at any college at any level if you can’t cruise at 80 are pretty slim, but that doesn’t mean you have no chance or can’t have a lot of success in HS!

Welcome to the site.  Yeah, to be honest, your current velo would indicate that you are not likely to be much of a power guy.  But you are young and everyone physically matures on slightly different schedules, so it's not impossible to make strong gains.  There are tons of posts that you can search here to help maximize your velo.  Just as important, IMO, you are throwing too many different types of pitches.  Particularly if you don't have great velo, you will need to have very good command.  I have yet to see a HS pitcher who can really control location with five different pitches.  I'd narrow the arsenal to three and really focus on building velo while fine-tuning control of three pitches.

Best of luck and don't forget to really enjoy the HS experience.

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