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Last evening was an emotional night to say the least. It was joyous to watch him play his last college game knowing he had a great career, but it was also very sad when the coach removed his 6 Seniors in the top of the ninth inning one by one and you knew it was over.

Now the new journey begins as he leaves for Sweden May 10 where he will be playing for the Karlskoga Bats, I guess it's time for me to update "Where are they now".

Since Sweden is too far to go see him play each weekend, I guess my golf clubs will finally get the dust knocked off of them.

Thanks to all the Websters for being around for advice and support the last 4 years.

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NCDAD - You brought a tear to my eye. I'm sure that a son completing college must be very emotional - mine is HS senior & the thought of senior night makes me tear up and it won't be here for a few more weeks.

Best of luck to your son! I hope they have a web-site or some way for you to keep up with his and team's progress. He's fortunate to be able to continue pursue his dream!!! clap
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Although the bseball season will continue through June, in two weeks my son's first year of college will be over. Wasn't it just yesterday we were starting to get them ready to go off, senior activities and HS playoffs.
We were sad when he left, because we THOUGHT it would be a long year. Between visits, listening to games 5 nights a week, or being able to catch one or two on TV, being able to do things on our own we haven't in years, the time has flown.
Best of luck to your son. Before you know it, college will have come and gone for my son as well. Folks, no matter what level your kids are at, enjoy every moment!

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