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What is that saying about Texas weather? Here are some of my experiences:

We have done o.k. in the Austin area practicing in the low 40's, about 43 is my personal threshold for pain depending on the wind chill.

I have also felt like crying when it was low 50's in Waco, north wind cut right through.

We played a tournament in Round Rock a few years back, 3 of the games hovered around freezing. One team had a gas powered generator set up with some sort of industrial heat blower. I still have bad dreams about that weekend.
I'm thinking CCC may be the sleeper this season. The one that gains some momentum & ends up pulling CC Moody off the pedestal.

What do you think, ctiger?

Tryouts on the 31st... I'm watching some kids try to "cram" & get ready for tryouts in the last two weeks before tryouts begin. Kids who I never saw over the winter break when a dedicated few were working out. I feel sorry for them, because that just isn't going to work. Too late now.
had a great workout in the gym
had a bunch of competition it was really a good time for all of the players and they did some good fundamental work.

im not sure, but this may be the way to start the year anyway.

everything in the gym is very fast so they have to speed up their reflexes. When we get outside everything will be slowed down.
Can anyone explain the odd looking, bright orange ball on the Eastern horizon? I tried looking at it, but it hurt my eyes. I've heard rumors of what it might be, but because I wanted the truth, I thought I'd come here and ask. Could it truly be that thing they call the "sun"? And you say if it stays there all day, we could actually see our baseball field in person and not drive by it? Oh happy day!!!!!

I don't know about you all, but seeing the sun this morning got me all pumped up for baseball!

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