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Justmom...My son took 16 hours the 1st semester and now he's taking 13 hours this semester. We did almost the opposite last year and learned a lesson. Although the grades were not bad 2nd semester of last year, they were not as good as he would have liked. So he has cut back this semester and he has his lap top that he will be "traveling" with.
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15-16 in the fall semester, and 12 in the spring is a realistic schedule. For undergraduate level classes, summer school at a local community college taking "annoying" classes can make up the difference (as long as the credits transfer) but most would advise planning on 5 years in school. This is one reason why redshirting a year isn't such a bad idea.
My son took 21 credits fall semester 4 were baseball, weight lifting, and bowling. He got the 2.0 plus a fews points. But this semester he is taking 15 credits. Looked at the school he hopes to attend after he graduates and so far all credits transfer. He wants to have a better GPA this semester, I think he is over his freshmanitis. Smile
Actually this is the worst my son has done credit wise so far..he is taking 13 but would have taken more...unfortunately only 9 of the credits he is taking is applicable to his degree..they are the only courses he could in this semester becausethe transfer did hurt him in regards to the change of curiculums...however he was a head credit I guess no harm done...

Last fall it was 15 hours. Right now they are in a 3 week 'presession' taking 3hour remedial math and 12 hours in spring semester that starts around the 24th. Fall sem. he got b's and some c's. He was pretty proud of his grades, after all, some of his teammates failed some classes. As a parent, I didn't care for the comparisons he was making. I told him that college classes were tough, and his classes weren't going to get any easier -- and that I thought some toughening up was in order.

Outfield pull_hair I am right there with you

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