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My son just finished his first week at the Diamond Skills Baseball All American Camp at Georgetown Prep. Both of us thought it was a terrific camp. There were easily 225 kids there and 25-30 college coaches. The facility at Prep is huge and the camp was extremely well run and very organized. The guys running it (Chris Rodriguez, Mark Gibbs, Kevin Gibbs and Bobby St. Pierre) all have unbeievable baseball resumes and it shows during the camp.

During the infield/outfield camp the guys start out running the 60 yd dash. After that my son got put in a small group and the coaches worked on infield fundamentals. Once they fininshed the fundamentals they moved onto the main floor at Prep and took a live infield in front of the college coaches. After the infield stuff they started hitting and he probably got 100 swings (including live BP). They finished the morning with an incredible guest speaker who had coached college baseball at Cal-State Fullerton, Arizona State, USC, Auburn, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Mississippi.

The afternoon was for pitchers and catchers. My son got to throw a live bullpen and then worked through a mechanics station, live video station, PFP's and hitting. He learned a ton from the instructors. The catchers threw on the main floor in front of all the coaches and it looked like they were getting pop times. They also caught bullpens and went through their hitting stations.

I think we have found a great camp for the next 4 years. Even if my son does not advance to the next level (if he ends up with my athleticism it will be a challenge!) I think this camp will give him a great workout and tremendous instruction.

Did anyone else on the board attend? Your thoughts?
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Coach Scoop,

In your last post you said your son had been to the All American Camp for a few years, has it helped him get any attention from college coaches? My guy is only a freshman but I'd love to try and speak with you this week at camp to find out how the recruiting process evolved for your son. (I can't believe how many college coaches have been there each week.)

My son's attending this camp too. Yesterday he got emails from two schools inviting him to one-day camps. Did everyone get these emails? I was considering making him write polite thank you emails back as he hasn't done a single productive thing since snow closed all the schools, but I won't bother if they hit every kid at the camp.


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