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Hey everyone...we'd like to thank all of you who tuned into the show in the past, and thank you even further for your patience during the broadcasting break we had. We realize it is short notice, but due to scheduling constraints for all parties involved the start-up episode (Season 2 if you will) will be scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, July 18 at 3 PM EST.

Tomorrow afternoon we welcome on the Executive Editor of Baseball America, Jim Callis. Baseball America is widely considered the go-to resource for all information pertaining to the game, from the amateur level all the way up to the Major Leagues. Jim is arguably the preeminent expert on all things related to the MLB draft and minor league prospects in the entire country, and will be sharing his enormous wealth of knowledge with us tomorrow afternoon.

If anyone has any specific questions or topics they'd like to discuss with Jim, please let us know here and we will incorporate everything to the best of our abilities. If not, please don't hesitate to join us via the link below, and enjoy the show!

Interview with Jim Callis
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Originally posted by TRhit:
has it died

what happened

Good question TR. Low ratings. Hardly anyone was listening so we decided to just wait for opportunities to come to us. People still listen to the archived interviews and yours still is one of the most highly rated. I am thinking when the cold weather hits, we can do some more shows and perhaps, sit down with you again and see how things are going.

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