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Just got the word that Midlo Son has been placed with the Hyannis Mets in the Cape Cod League for next summer.

1. I have talked to several folks here in the past about summer leagues generally and the Cape league in particular, but if there is anyone with tips and advice specific to the Hyannis team/area, please post or PM me.

2. Anyone else going to be on the same team next summer? Or otherwise at the Cape?
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For you parents with sons playing on the Cape....can I tell you how jealous I am?? It is my son's ultimate goal, but since he is still a Jr. in high school, we still have a while to work on it. We have vacationed on the Cape for many years, and one of our favorite things to do is go to a game---we think you cannot beat the experience of playing on the Cape. The small town atmosphere, the days at the beach, the nights at a game, scouts galore--heaven! Hyannis is the most commercial of the Cape towns, so you lose alittle of the charm and quaintness of some of the other towns, but its really all good. PM me if you want more specifics.

Hyannis is the commercial downtown village of the town of Barnstable.

Let me start by saying that my Sr. year Falmouth HS knocked the snot out of Barnstable 52-6 in one of the longest running Thanksgiving day rivalry games in the country.

As a Met your son will have a great opportunity for a job if he wants it. He also is in a good spot Mid-Cape so the ride to anywhere he plays is not bad. One thing that could be a positive or a negative is that he will be close to most of the hot clubs filled with college kids working for the summer. The park is nice but not one of my favorites and the home crowds will be big. He may want to read up on fog and he should be prepared to face 2 or 3 of the best pitchers he's ever seen just about every night. It will be great!
Another nice thing about Hyannis is it's only 75 minutes from Boston as long as you're not driving it Sunday night or Monday of a three day weekend. We used to have a house in Hyannisport until my mother got older and tired of the drive along with we rarely got there due to kid's summer travel ball. Speaking of Hyannis congestion, we would go grocery shopping after 9pm. We had a general store for newspapers and ice creams in our little neighborhood.
Originally posted by Emanski's Heroes:
Speaking of Boston, call ahead before visiting Midlo Son- or else you may find him "dancing in the streets of Hyannis". Corny? I know- it's a slow morning.
I remember Boston playing clubs on the Cape. Our high school prom had some local band just releasing a song "Dream On."
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My son played for the Mets his freshman year. He played for University of AZ as a pitcher. Great experience and he met many friends from all over the country which he stills stays in contact. Many of the guys he met including himself are now playing pro ball.

His second summer he went to the Alaskan League which he loved as well. Make sure to go and catch some games as it goes by sooo fast.
If I wanted to go to the cape to catch some games this upcoming summer, I imagine I have to look at hotels now, right?

That sounds like a nice long weekend.

We are getting some summer college teams out here on Long Island also.

The Hampton Whalers started up last year (funded in part by Jerry Seinfeld!) and had a great season. They are supposed to add more teams this year. That is the Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League
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MD's son is a pitcher and yes, might want to read up on fog!
As an ACC pitcher, the interesting challenge is facing many hitters you face during season, completely different challenge with wood, pitchers usually fair well, until around 1/2 -3/4 through the season when hitters adjust to wood. It's a pitchers league, any hitter making noise with wood gets lots of attention.

As far as talent, there is no comparison and that is not a dig on any other league.
I looked back at the team ny son played on in 2006, between 2007 and 2008 draft, almost every player was drafted, including many first rounders.

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