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My goal is to attend ASU but waht do I need to do so I can get some looks. Im a junior LHP but not D-1 material since i dont throw in the mid to high eighties my strengths is my control, accuracy, and movement but how am I going toa ttract colleges if i cant throw oever 85?
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Chuck -
There is lots of good information for you in the HSBBW recruiting timeline , as well as other articles on this site. 14 As an '05, you should be actively sending out letters of introduction to many colleges in your area as well as others around the country where you might be interested in attending. Don't put all your "baseballs in one basket" by focusing on just one school, especially one that is a very competitive baseball school! You should select some schools at every division level to give yourself a good chance of finding the right college for academics and one that will want and appreciate your baseball abilities. There is sooooo much information to help you on this site. But the one thing you can't do is sit back and wish for it. You have to be proactive and market yourself to colleges. Don't wait, start writing letters and making calls ASAP. Good luck to you.

sounds like you have all the tools for a great pitcher...thats the key to pitching, location and movement...i think you will be great...i played d1 in the sec and a lot of pitchers threw in the mid 80 but never had the mechanics that you have....wish you the best...just remeber that one of the best pitchers in the game today (greg maddux) doesnt throw hard but has all the tools your possessSmile good luck with all and stay mentally focused

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