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Our son went away in August 2003 to junior college to play baseball. He signed early and recieved a quite nice scholarship. The first year he played fall and spring, they were ranked (NJCAA)in the top ten a few times, and he had a great college experience. His sophomore year, he was playing in the fall, was injured, and didn't play this spring.

This past Saturday he graduated with an assoc. degree. He didn't graduate high school due to our state's proficiency tests that he wasn't able to pass. He completed his degree in 2 years. After the ceremony we were talking and we both found it remarkable that no other boy he had played ball with at his college had graduated with him. I thought that was kind of sad.

In August, he is going on to pursue his bachelor's degree. He will enter a junior, all but maybe 1 of his classes will transfer. I don't know if he will play basball there, but I am sure that come August, he will be trying to walk on.

I cannot give this website enough credit for the wealth of knowledge available here. About doing my homework, about how important it is for the right fit for a college to be for the kid. I am so grateful for what I've learned here and I realize how much better off he is in life because of the opportunities I learned about here.

Like I said before, he went to junior college to play baseball. He stayed and thrived because of the many things he learned after he got there. Somewhere along the way he gained some insight about the importance of an education and a desire to be educated.

Thank you to everyone here and what you continue to contribute on a daily basis. I am a grateful mom. Count us as another HSBBW success.
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Congratulations to your son.

I am a strong believer that going to college and getting an education are two seperate things. It is awesome that your son found the value of getting an education while he was still in the process of going to college.

You should certainly be proud of his accomplishment.

I wish him the best in his new school. I hope he makes them drool at try outs. Keep us posted.
Your Basic Mom, Congrats to you, your son, and your family. This is a time to celebrate! I share your appreciation for this site and what it has brought into my life in the form of information and friendships. It's an awesome place to be a part of.

I, like AParent, hope your son knocks their socks off at try-outs! Best of luck!!!!!
Best of luck to him, in baseball and academically, at his new college.

My son was also one who didn't excel academically in hs, then blossomed in college. Required courses not of interest to them, less than stimulating instructors, distractions, and even disorganization (one of the side-effects of testosterone poisoning in teenage boys Wink) can lead some teenage boys to a why-am-I-here stupor.

Then comes college where classes are chosen for interest, the quality of the instruction is bettr, and the discussions livelier. Just like rising in the ranks of baseball offers a better quality experience, it takes this for some of our sons to blossom.

The parents with those frustrating ("I know he can do better") sons should take note --- keep up the communication, assistance and encouragement....better days are ahead!
Thanks for everyone's kind words.

ClevelandDad, I could tell you a story about this kid and the obstacles he and we have overcome that would probably make you cry if my above post touched you. He is my husbands son, his mother just took off and left and never looked back, abandoning him when he was an infant, both hubby and son are from Nicaragua. My hubby was granted political asylum here due to Nicaragua's war between the Contras and Sandanistas in the 80's and left son to live with Grandma until he could get him here in the U.S. Grandma died. Son came to live with us when he was 10, didnt know any English, had been passed around from relative to relative. Our first daughter was 1 then and other daughter was born a month after son arrived. We had our hands full. Our family had a lot of problems with son, and he had a lot of problems with us. Growing up was fraught with running away, trouble at school, and not liking me one bit. I sat on him, I held him responsible and accountable, I pushed him hard for these 11 years and it was ugly most of the time. I never gave up on him, I never took the easy way out. He was a senior in high school before I ever saw any of our (mine and my husbands) persistance and perserverance pay off and I began to see a glimmer in him that he might want something good for himself and his future. I am so proud of this kid. He has turned out to be likeable, responsible, smart, caring and compassionate. I am so proud of this kid and his accomplishments.
Thanks you for your post. Some have to work harder than others for their education. It sounds unfair but its not. Those that have to work to get ahead will always appreciate what they have. Congratulations to your son and to your family. Truly a success story. applaude

Most around here know me by my baseball son. I have hardly ever shared anything about my oldest. Though circumstances are somewhat different from you, you wouldn't believe how much they are the same. It is very difficult for me to understand, but some kids just take longer than others to grow up. I am starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel as well. Thanks again for sharing your story Smile
I havent been here for awhile. Son has been out of baseball for a couple years. I came back because I did want to follow up on this post I made a couple years ago.

Our son graduated on Saturday Dec. 15th from Southeastern Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice. Yay !!

I still say he wouldnt have gone as far as he did without baseball and without the High School Baseball Web. Thanks everyone.

Congrats to you and your son, what a great story! And I have a special spot in my heart for young people going into law enforcement or criminal justice (lafmom, your son too), as my hubby is a police sergeant. The choice to "serve and protect" (whether on the streets or elsewhere in the criminal justice system) is a tough job, but I am so thankful for our men and women who accept the challenge!

Very best wishes to your son.

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