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During February I planned to attend two showcases, 1 in June and another in August. This high school season hasn't gone as I anticipated though, because a back injury has kept me out for much of the season. I am doing everything I can to get healthy in time for the first showcase in June. But I don't have high school stats to give to the showcases. How important is the high school season and how do college coaches and scouts feel about injuries? I know this is probably the worst time for an injury because it's in the middle of the recruiting process. What can I do?

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As one who runs a showcase program I can tell you that stats mean nothing to me and I think it is the same with others running events as well---it is what you do on the field before the people who matter--college coaches -- that counts---a letter of recommendation from your coach will overcome the injury situation and your concern about lack of stats in terms of being accepted to a showcase-- at least for us anyway


Do not go to a showcase if you are not in tip top shape

Keep in mind that there is always tomorrow!!!!
One important factor that you didn't mention is, what year are you in HS. My son missed his entire jr year with a shoulder injury. Scoped in Dec 03, physical rehab until May 04, light throwing started in May, BB season over in mid May. He did play 15 games in August with a summer team with maybe 25 AB. Started his Sr school yr in Sept 04 and went to his 1st showcase in November. The key for him was he was in his best condition ever. His re-hab and off season workout had put him in great shape. I couldn't tell you how many BP balls he hit leading up to this showcase, how many fly balls he took and his arm speed was at the top of his game. He was PREPARED! That was the key. He had a good showcase, the coaches loved the way he ran on and off the field, how he ran to each drill and position. His 60 time was pretty good,He was graded well for his arm speed and hit the ball pretty good. He had yet to play in a varsity baseball game but after the showcase we received interest from about 6 D111 schools and not one of them ask for his stats. Just to let you know 4 of the schools stayed in contact and wanted him to attend their college even before he played in his 1st HS varsity game in March. Don't worry about your stats but if you are still injured or your back is not responding by the June showcase you may not want to attend. The best advise I can give you is be sure you are getting proper treatment for your injury, be in shape, be prepared and Hustle, and good things will happen.

And by the way he will be attending and playing baseball at Hampden Sydney College in VA and pretty excited about it also.

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NH, I agree with TR and more importantly TR knows the northeast baseball. I will add one more comment...when you go to these every second, do not get down for any excited you are there, warmups, bp, infield/outfield pre-game. Someone is watching you all the time. The best comment my son received was how happy and motivated he was even warming up to take is a great sport.

The key is fun for the player.

When a player leaves us after three days with us and he says "Thanx Coach , I had a ball. It was fun!"--that is the best you can get !

I still remember a player telling us the showcase was "player friendly"---that means the kids had fun and that comes from playing hard every moment.

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