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In The Box Athletics is a performance facility in Sunnyvale (Just east of Mesquite) that mainly works with baseball players.  Our goal is to improve players recruit-ability through increased athleticism.  Think Michael Johnson Performance with hitting and velocity work all combined in one program-- but without the gold medals .  


What we are:

We realize (first hand) that not everyone wins the genetic lottery, but we believe strongly that every kid, genetically gifted and not so much, has athletic potential that they are not yet realizing.  


This year we decided to see what we could do with a group of players that were more committed, and therefore programmed a full year of training that includes teams to play on.  Our players practice/ workout an average of 3 times a week. and the ones that show up and are dedicated to improving have already turned out some impressive numbers after just one month. 


What we are not:

Our teams will play during the summer and do our best to showcase our athletes, but this program is about improving our athletes objective numbers much more than trying to win tournaments. Also, we are not selling a name on your jersey or saying that we can do anything to GET you or your kiddo recruited. We are saying that if they commit and work hard, we will give them the tools to run faster, throw harder, and generate more power. That is what we do. 


At this point we are looking to add to our 16s, 17s, and 18s mainly, and will be trying players out on an individual basis until we fill up. 


Our cost is comparable to playing for any other select organization.


If you are interested check out our website or contact me at

214 668-4648


"Learn how to see, realize everything connects everything else." Leonardo da Vinci


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