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All American Baseball

Best in the East Showcase

· Open high school and Junior college players..

· Indianapolis,IN - Sept 10-11, 2011

Ben Davis High School, 1200 N. Girls School Road Indianapolis, IN 46214
· College Coach Guarantee

We can guarantee that college coaches will attend because we hire them to instruct, evaluate, observe and interact with the players. Our college coaches are interacting and instructing on the field - not in the stands.

· Ball players receive on-field instruction (lead by Division I ,II, III and NAIA College Coaches) along with former Professional Players

· Pitchers (throw 2 innings which is 5 hitters an inning. "minimum"

· Position players (teams consist of 10 position players) Position players will receive 2 to 3 AB’s per game. This gives player more playing time to showcase skills.

· 1st come, 1st served basis 114 players put on 6 teams by college coaches and staff. Which means alot of playing time in games to SHOWCASE skills.

Coaches nominate a player for a showcase on the All American Baseball website.

An All American Showcase is a great way to take your baseball career to the next level. By playing and performing in front of some of the top college coaches in the country as they are at our showcases representing their colleges. In a single word - EXPOSURE. You will get great exposure to the large number of coaches, recruiters, and scouts who are on hand.

Colleges Already Committed with more to come:

Mark Wagner University of Evansville Div.1
Russ Stienhorn University of North Carolina Greensboro Div.1
Mark VanAmyde Michigan State University Div.1
Mike Kunigonis Virginia Tech Div.1
Jerry Edwards Eastern Kentucky University Div.1
Ty Neal University of Indianna Div.1
Seth Von Behren South Alabama University Div.1
Tim Brown George Washington University Div.1
Rick Heller Indianna State University Div.1
Christopher Maliszewski University of Iowa Div.1
Gary Vaught University of Indianapolis Div.2
Jared Hamilton Sterling College NAIA

See Website for more colleges and pro staff attending

All American Baseball Camps and Showcases LLC
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I thought Indianna was spelled with just one "n". Ty Neal is from Indiana University, there is no University of Indiana. Coach Maliszewski from Iowa is great, if this event takes place. There are a lot of options in Indiana for showcases though.

Prep Baseball Report Indiana - fantastic and likely the best source for Indiana kids

Top 96 - great instructional events


    "One smart a$$ comment gets some people hung in here."

Don't I know it! I've riled up the crowd a few times over the past few years here on the HSBBW. To be honest I think it's likely most of them were mental health professionals...doing their duty. Recognizing a misfit when they read one!

They grab their coil of rope and here they come. The last time I roused them most of them had either forgotten to bring their rope or had simply misplaced it from the time before.

Not to worry...I was prepared.

Made some nice coin that afternoon.

One word of caution though. If you anticipate being confronted by the Crowd With the Coils, the Righteous Rope Wranglers, or the Nattering Noosemen please, please don't forget your most important tool...

And remember..."Cut, Drop, and Roll!"

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I almost forgot. If you're ever in Rensselaer again please be advised that Rensselaerians know the few visitors they may be blessed to have are prone to sneezing and missing their burg completely.

They suggest that if you're in Rensselaer, or anywhere in Jasper County for that matter, you should invest in one of these and don't forget to pack it...

And if you visit, and you have your guard, be prepared to hear this incessantly: "Bless you."

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