I have changed the infield/outfield warmup routine several times throughout the years.  I have seen some schools that have a nice, smooth, solid routine for both outfield and infield.  Does anyone have a routine they care to share?  How many hits do you make to each position (so they get enough throws but not too time consuming)?

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Ours takes 10 minutes.  I will lay it out for you and let me know if you have any further questions.


Round 1

All OF to 2nd base x 1

Round 2

LF to 2B down left field line x 2

CF & RF to 3rd x 2

Round 3

All OF to HP with cut to 2B x 1

Round 4

All OF to HP x 1


Round 1

All INF to HP x 1

Round 2 & 3

All INF to 1B x 1

All INF to 1B x 1 with a cover (Pitcher covering 1B for 1st Baseman)

Round 4 & 5

All INF Double Play x 1

All INF Double Play x 1 with a cover (Pitcher covering 1B on the 3-6-1 double play)

Round 6

All INF deep throw to 1B followed by slow Roller

1B Goes HP and then Bunt to 3rd.

The best pregame infield I have seen was done by UCLA.  They have 2 coaches hitting and no one ever stands still. They even get the Pitchers involved.

Ground Ball down LF line to 2B

Ground Ball to CF at him to 3B

Ground Ball to RF at him to 3B

Fly ball to LF to Home

Fly ball to CF to Home

Fly ball to RF to Home

Ground ball to LF to Home

Ground ball to CF to Home

Ground ball to RF to Home

**OF stay in position to back up IF GBs**

All 3B/2B/SS to 6 hole for 1 "at 'em" GB to show off arm...after field the ball, sprint to their position

Infield In...GB to home

Get 1 & cover

Turn 2 (P cover for 3-6-1 DP)

Long one (deep backhand) & short one (slow roller)

All INFs back to their position as coach hits pop flys to C.  If it isn't a pipe shot, use the flyball for communication drills.

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If it is an early game, you may hit to left center and right center off the fence. This will create relays with all players and get the blood flowing.


Do you practice the 9-5 rule?



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