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I am going to give a "Local Area" (about 5-6 high school) free seminar on recruiting and the things players/parents should do, I did this 3 years back and have wanted to do it again.  I cover alot of topics but was wondering if anyone wanted to give any info that THEY feel is important to cover, to make sure i am not missing anything.  To add to for those that will make other comments, I have been on this site long enough and have done a ton of research (on this site and others), i have talked to local and college coaches and received info from them and have been through the recruiting process enough times to know there is no one way it is done, which is also the reason i am asking this question just to make sure that i have most bases covered.  Thanks for any input you would like to offer.  


My topics will include in no particular order

what to do from 8th grade year till senior year-how to contact coaches

When and how to make a video

Recruiting services

Showcase ball vs/and/or Camps

How do you know if you are a college player- if you can play what is a typical player of ###Level look like and abilities of players at this ### Level (the generalization) 

Odds of making it to college ball/pro ball- reality of it all

Rules of recruiting

Terminologies of recruiting


Scholarships-who can and can't offer, what a typical offer is

Walk ons

Difference between general letters and actual college interest

Non athletic scholarship opportunities 


NCAA clearinghouse-when and how

And of course best website for resources 


(If im missing something please add)-elaborate best you can.

OR if you want to elaborate on something i have just to make sure i cover something in that topic would also be helpful.  THANKS IN ADVANCE... 

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Your post sent me back to some notes I made for a similar talk awhile ago. Here's an excerpt concerning something I'd think that they need to hear:


"If you're good enough, they'll find you" is one of the most dangerous statements commonly uttered about the recruiting process. Did you ever stop and think who "they" are? If you're determined to play, say, at Stanford, is the recruiter from Stanford coming to the fields where you play? How is the recruiter from Stanford going to know of your interest? How is he going to know where to come to see you play? Without a carefully planned and executed effort by the player to put himself in position to be known by colleges of interest to him, it's improbable that the RIGHT schools will know of his interest and ability.

Selecting the right college is a big issue. It's not just about baseball and academics. It's also about social and cultural fit. On tv a college baseball program might look a dream. But is a big metro, northeast kid going to be comfortable in a  small, rural southern town or vice versa. Larry Bird nearly quit basketball because he chose Indiana. As a poor, rural eighteen year old he perceived everyone at Indiana to be rich. He got intimidated and left school. Fortunately, for basketball and himself, he found a second option.

Right Arm of Zeus,
A few years ago, I did similar presentations to several large groups.  My words of advice are to go slow and don't assume anybody knows anything you are talking about.   I included a "lessons learned section" and I think that got a lot of attention.  I also included a "setting expectations" section that included all the facts and stats about recruiting %s.  I included a "myths" section too.
If you want, send me Dialog with email.  I'll send the presentation it to you to give you some (hopefully) ideas.
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