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My son is 09 LHP. He has received considerable interest based on around 30 phone calls after 7/1 from D1 schools. Unfortunately, he has elbow tendinitis and needs to shut down for the rest of the summer-he tried to battle through but he needs a good month or more off per his doctor. He received one D1 offer for 100% from a solid mid atlantic D1 program and other nonscholarship offers(Ivy league). The offer was from a good school but not one we have ever visited or had been on his top list. We will be visting soon though and hopefully he loves the school.

The question is will teams that were interested still be interested in the Fall when he can throw again or is that to late for these upper tier schools(ACC/SEC,etc..)?
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Welcome to the HSBBW.
Your son must be pretty talented to have so much attention during this time in recruiting.
I am truely sorry to hear of your son's injuries. I am not sure how he sustained his injury but this is why some of us here stress the importance of not doing too much too early when it doesn't really count.
Not really sure what to tell you, other to be very honest with the schools looking to see your son play this summer. If they are really interested they will wait until he is better. Remember that there are two signing periods, one in November and one in April. Although many coaches like and prefer to sign most of their players in the fall, there are many that sign players later.
Don't settle because of your son's injury.

Best of luck.
Welcome to HSBBW!

I agree with TPM but I think you should not be overly concerned. If they have interest, he should shut it down and let it get better, this also will give you a chance to visit some of the top schools he is interested in which will put you in a great position to determine the best fit school, academic, and baseball wise for your son.

Don't mis-inform the schools about your condition but also don't offer too much information, tendonitis if that is all it is, is not career ending....

You can also use the rest of the summer for heavy conditioning which will make his arm and body stronger for the fall and spring and might help him from getting tendonitis again.

Good Luck.
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Hi BBD62 and welcome to the HSBBW. Congratulations to your son for getting good early interest. You have already received some good advice from TPM and Hr04.

I wanted to relay some information related to your situation. I know a boy that received an offer to a top D1 SEC team while he was recovering from TJ surgery (not my son by the way). So if the teams know about you, have seen you and or get great reports from scouts you CAN still get the offers. Just be sure to get the pain diagnosed correctly and set out on a complete recovery program. It might help to have copies of the doctor’s assessment of elbow tendonitis to give the coach if you are visiting colleges this summer while recovering.

I would plan unofficial visits or contact by phone or e-mail to the schools you are interested in (on your top list) and more importantly, the schools that have already contacted you that you might be interested in as well. While on any of these visits (or any other forms of contact you choose) to the schools that already have showed interest in your son, tell them about your situation for the rest of the summer in case they were planning on seeing your son this summer.

Could become difficult to walk that line Hr04 was talking about between too much information and not enough. If the schools are looking for your son at a specific event and he is a no show due to injuries the coaches may be wondering what is going on already. You sure do not want to feed that fear with little to no information.
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