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The "crazy" rule, as Michael describes, kills play and rules the batter out, thereby not allowing the defense a cheap double play and an advantage not intended by rule. Attempts to circumvent the rule, while not penalized separately, are known as cheating and in higher levels are dealt with appropriately by they opposing teams.
The following is of course well known to umpires, but for the benefit of other readers, I'll point out that the defensive player may legally choose to not play the ball on the fly. "Intentionally drop" means to contact the ball with the apparent intent to catch it in flight, and to then intentionally let it fall to the ground.

This is a clear difference to the infield fly rule.
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Originally posted by trojan-skipper:
It's a lot different than trapping the ball and then getting a lazy batter/runner

Exactly. If the fielder allows the ball to hit the ground without touching it, there's no penalty. If the fielder slaps the ball to the ground or allows it to enter his glove and drop out, there is a penalty.

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