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Alot of Restaurants in the Jackson Tennessee area.

Several chain Restaurants. Outback Steakhouse,
Logan's RoadHouse, LongHorn Steakhouse, Chinese food (ASIA GARDENS)(PEKINS)
Japanese food (ASAHI)
Mexican Food ( LOS PORTALES )
Brookie's Barn is known for the Bar-B-Que
And the CatFish House is some good eating if you have a taste for the sea food. Most of the eating places are north of Jackson.
Also alot of fast food places.
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Since I'm in Jackson let me answer that question.... Corky's BBQ.(just north of I-40 on Eporium Drive). You want a Buffet, go to Barnhills located at 45 bypass and Carriage House Drive If you're in the downtown area, (paying that speeding ticket all folks from Illinois seem to get), you might stop by the Dixie Castle just off the square for some good home cooked meals. Now if you like "real" home cooked meals (you know bologna, crackers and beenie weenies) you could stop by the Fungo Farm....

You have a game here in our fair city?
Was in Jackson Tenn in January and I must say I was incredibly impressed. I had no idea it was such a great town with such friendly folks. I would visit again most any time. And, let me add, seldom would I feel so compelled to make a post. If you have a chance to take a baseball trip to Jackson, don't hesitiate.

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