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Jr. Day/Unofficial visits are usually as good as you make them. They give you an opportunity to talk briefly with the coaches; tour the school and see inside dorms and classrooms, etc.; and ask whatever questions you have about admissions and their baseball program. Some can be made up of large groups of recruits and others are smaller and more personal.

Are they important in the overall recruiting ... No, players will be recruited by a school regardless of whether they have attended junior day. Going accomplishes 2 things: Shows the school you are interested in them; and Allow you see more of the school so you can finalize the list of colleges you are really interested in. Both of these things can be accomplished in other ways. But, IMO, if it is possible to attend Jr. Days at the colleges you are interested in, GO.
Junior Days are great ideas and are neat PR moves by the programs to show some "interest" in a kid. Neat for mom and dad to have a son invited.

The reality...We went to a Junior Day affair, complete with football tickets, tours, etc. Prominent midwestern school. Toured the campus with 5 other recruits. None are going to the school. To my knowledge, none were even "offered" anything to attend...even the high profile pitchers!
I don't fully understand the Jr Visit days. Because my son is a sophomore and this school year is almost over, it's probably something we should become more familiar with. What is the difference between official and unofficial. Is unofficial when you just show up unannounced? Will you get a letter that asks you to come to a Jr Day visit? Or are they scheduled on their website and you ask to be invited? I am really confused.
A visit is "official" when the college pays for it. This cannot happen until they start school in the Fall term of your son's senior year in HS. All other visits where you drive/fly yourself there for a game or to meet with coaches or to tour a campus are "unofficial." It doesn't matter if they're "announced" or not.

Our son was never invited to any "Junior Days." But he was recruited by everyone he wanted to be recruited by and more.
My son took several unofficial visits during his junior year. He did this to actually see the campuses and to meet some of the coaches and to see facilities.

Since we are far removed from major universities this helped to give some preparation for the senior year recruiting.

I will say, that for us...all schools he visited unofficially did offer...

and we did take official visits last in senior year...during fall...

all were a person insight early on....

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